The 'sexiest' people are apparently born in April

It all started in fair Verona with Romeo and Juliet. The whole star-crossed lovers thing is a romantic cliche as old as time, but could there be more in the stars that shows how attractive you really are?

According to new research carried out by FROM MARS there could be. In fact, they've apparently discovered the months of the year which produce the ‘sexiest’ people, and it’s based on 500 of the world’s sexiest celebs.

Conceptual photo of happy couple with perfect astrological match and love compatibility between zodiac signs
What months of the year and star signs produce the ‘sexiest’ people? Photo: Getty

Using lists of the sexiest male celebrities and sexiest female celebrities from Ranker, the team compiled a list of 500 names in total. Taking the birthdays of each celebrity to figure out their star signs, and then taking a total of each of the 12 signs and each of the 12 months to give the sexiest star sign and sexiest birth month.

Sexiest Star Signs Revealed

So which star signs battle it out to take the title for the sexiest?

According to the research, Aries, Taurus and Leo are the star signs that produce the hottest people, with Aries, pardon the pun, coming out on top.

No surprise there, with Aries being a fire sign, after all.

This must be why Aries-born Pedro Pascal smoulders on screen, even if he’s wearing a Mandalorian helmet, and why the irresistibly gorgeous Jessica Chastain (another Aries sign) has such a commanding on-screen presence.

That and they’re both phenomenal actors, of course.


Taurus is also well represented by the debonair George Clooney and the divinely beautiful Adele.

Leo’s Jason Momoa proves even Aquaman can’t seem to put out the flames of hotness, with Leo ranked as the third hottest Star sign.

Jason Momoa attends the
Jason Momoa is a Leo which is ranked as the third hottest Star sign. Photo: Getty

When are the 'sexiest' people born?

But zodiac signs aren’t the only factor here. The research also claims that a person’s birth month is a factor in how attractive they appear to be.

April wins this round with the aforementioned Pascal, impeccable Emma Watson and Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot.

In fact, April has been named as the month producing the sexiest people, as 60 of the 500 ‘sexy’ celebs were born in this month.

Seems like the Easter Bunny delivers a lot more in April than delicious chocolate eggs!

August is represented by the God of Thunder; Chris Hemsworth (my Mum WILL be pleased!), and the ever-so-romantic February is tossing rose petals as it’s repped by the Queen of cool, Rihanna, and everyone’s favourite friend, Jennifer Aniston.

“I’ll be there for you”, indeed!

How sexy is your star sign?

So you may be wondering what all this means for you? How does your star sign and birth month stack up?

Well, FROM MARS have created a handy dandy hotness graph based on your star sign so you can decipher if you’re a tantalising Taurus, a smouldering Scorpio, or a Lovely Leo.

sexiest star signs
The sexiest star signs revealed. Photo: Supplied/FromMars

It comes after Australia's favourite sex position was also recently revealed, with The Spider reportedly coming out as winner.

A study by WeThrift examined Google Trends data for a country-by-country analysis of the most popular sex positions around the world.

The Spider is said to be one of the more intimate positions and involves a couple facing each other in a seated position.

The receiver lies back first, while the other partner goes in between their legs to achieve penetration. Then, this partner also lies back, allowing for either partner to thrust.

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