Bachelor contestant Monique's extreme makeover

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2019 Bachelor star Matt Agnew is spoilt for choice this season as he looks for love. Photo: Channel Ten

The contestants on The Bachelor this year have opened up their Instagram accounts, and a little stalking has unveiled some of the transformations they’ve undergone before appearing on TV.

Whether it be some cosmetic work or a simple hair dye, these ladies wanted to look their best when they walked into The Bachelor mansion.

Monique Morley

Monique, 26, was one of the newer girls to enter The Bachelor mansion on the second night.

She immediately struck up a rivalry with fellow contestant Nichole Wood, who claimed to her doppelganger.

However, Monique didn’t always look like this. Take a look at her brunette days with what appears to be a less plump pout as well.

The Bachelor contestant Monique Morley. Photo: Channel Ten
The Bachelor's Monique Morley in 2015 (L) and now (R). Photo: Instagram/moniquemorley

Rachael Arahill

Rachael already has fans talking after she turned up to the Bachelor mansion in a wedding dress.

It seems a scroll through her Instagram shows her lips have also become a bit plumper over time, though the 23-year-old hasn’t admitted to any work as of yet.

Bachelor contestant Rachael Arahill. Photo: Channel Ten
Photo: Instagram/rachaelarahill

Sogand Mohtat

Sogand from NSW has admitted to getting lip injections to plump up her pout just like Kylie Jenner’s.

The 30-year-old has previously shared before and after snaps on social media that reveal her cosmetic transformation.

Bachelor contestant Sogand Mohtat. Photo: Channel Ten
Sogand has admitted to having lip enhancement injections to plump up her pout. Photo: Instagram/sogand_m__

Abbie Chatfield

This 23-year-old Queenslander has already been dubbed a fan favourite thanks to her giggly personality during the premiere episode.

With her gorgeous goldilocks vibe and sweet smile, she’s seen as the girl-next door, but photos from just last year reveal her flirtation with the darker side when she was a brunette.

Bachelor contestant Abbie Chatfield. Photo: Channel Ten

Jessica Brody

Given her profession, it’s no surprise makeup artist Jessica likes to mix up her look.

The biggest change over the years has been her hair colour, from brunette to blond and even pink.

Bachelor contestant Jessica Brody. Photo: Channel Ten

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