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It’s that time of year again where our social lives take a back seat in favour of investing all our time into the love lives of complete randoms on Channel 10’s The Bachelor Australia - and to be honest, we can’t wait.

Premiering on July 31st at 7:30pm, Matt Agnew’s season of the hotly anticipated reality show looks set to be bigger and better than ever, with promo clips showing the astrophysicist in a number of awkward scenarios.

That includes an unknown contestant arriving to meet the possible love of her life dressed in a wedding dress, another who gets him to ask her to marry her in Persian, and one rose hopeful (who is now known as Gemini) who thinks an astrophysicist is a star sign.

To keep up on all the action on season seven of the show, we’ve rounded up all The Bachelor Australia 2019 contestants’ Instagram handles for all you Bachie-obsessed social media users out there:

The Bachelor, Matt Agnew

First off, you need to follow the Bachelor himself, Matt Agnew. Matt is a 31-year-old Melbourne-based astrophysicist, who’s looking for The One to settle down with.

After seeing all his friends start to shack up, get married and have babies, Matt is looking for his own happy ending with one of the contestants on this year’s show.

Instagram: @drmattagnew

Matt Agnew. Photo: Channel 10

Vakoo Kauapirura, NSW

If there’s one thing 23-year-old Sydney model Vakoo Kauapirura knows, it’s how to pick an awesome date, as she’s previously told 10 Daily her perfect scenario would be to visit a ‘ball pit that's full of puppies and then go somewhere to eat. Sounds like a girl after our own hearts.

Instagram: @itsvakoo

Vakoo Kauapirura. Photo: Channel 10

Abbie Chatfield, QLD

If there’s one contestant who made sure she’ll be remembered for a long time to come, it’s 23-year-old Queenslander, Abbie Chatfield. Abbie went viral after a promo was released f the moment she met Bachelor Matt Agnew for the first time.

In the now famous clip, Matt can be heard telling Abbie he’s an astrophysicist, to which she replied: “I’m a Gemini”. We can’t wait to hear more of the gems this contestant comes out with.

Instagram: @abbiechatfield

Abbie Chatfield. Photo: Channel 10

Helena Sauzier, WA

Helena seemed to hit it off with Bachelor Matt the first time they met, with the 25-year-old wooing him with her French accent. We reckon the health and wellness coach is one to watch.

Instagram: @helenasauzier

Helena Sauzier. Photo: Channel 10

Sogand Mohtat, NSW

Sogand, who lived in Tehran up until 2005, was a hit at the ‘first impressions’ meeting when she taught Matt some choice words in Persian. Little did the Bachelor know he’d asked Sogand to marry him. Things are moving fast between these two.

Instagram: @sogand_m__

Sogand Mohtat. Photo: Channel 10

Chelsie McLeod, VIC

Melbourne chemical engineer, 28-year-old Chelsie McLeod, made quite the impression on Matt when she gave him a temporary tattoo of oxytocin when she first met him. Oxytocin is often known as the ‘love hormone’, because oxytocin levels rise when you make physical contact with another person.

Instagram: @chelsiemcleod

Chelsie McLeod. Photo: Channel 10

Monique Morley, NSW

Monique is a 26-year-old lingerie designer from Manly and Bondi who admits to being a travel addict, a water baby and a lover of the outdoors. Her Instagram is filled with incredible travel snaps from all over the world.

Instagram: @moniquemorley

Monique Morley. Photo: Channel 10

Rachael Arahill, NSW

Rachael is known for telling 10 Daily she thinks she going to be ‘the next Keira’ on this season of The Bachelor, meaning she’s ready to ruffle a few feathers in the Bachelor mansion. Aside from causing a stir, the 23-year-old loves fitness, food and fashion.

Instagram: @rachaelarahill

Rachael Arahill. Photo: Channel 10

Nikki Ferris, NSW

Snack-enthusiast, 24-year-old Nikki Ferris, is a girl after our own hearts, with her slogan on Instagram being: ‘Spread love as thick as you would Nutella’.

She’s also a self-confessed globetrotter and is ‘passionate about leggings being seen as pants’. Will her banter win over Matt Agnew’s heart?

Instagram: @nikkiferriswheel

Nikki Ferris. Photo: Channel 10

Danush Deravi, VIC

34-year-old Danush had a game-plan when she wore red to the ‘first impression’ with Matt Agnew. “Science shows men have deeper conversations with women wearing red dresses. Let’s put that theory to the test,” she wrote online.

Instagram: @danush_deravi

Danush Deravi. Photo: Channel 10

Nichole Wood, QLD

Nichole goes by the name ‘Noodles’ on Instagram, where she shares everything from poolside selfies to dinner dates with friends, and even the moment she bought her own Mitsubishi Swift. The 25-year-old is looking for love with Matt Agnew.

Instagram: @nichole.d.wood

Nichole Wood. Photo: Channel 10

Keely Spedding, QLD

The 27-year-old textiles designer claims to have a snowboarding addiction and is a very injury-prone surfer. She also runs her own graphics and textiles design business, called The Keely Collective.

Instagram: @keely.spedding

Keely Spedding. Photo: Channel 10

Mary Viturino, VIC

Mary is a 31-year-old single mum who told 10 Daily she’s like ‘none of those bitc**s’ who’ve come before her on The Bachelor. She’s a keen gym bunny who posts the most adorable photos on her Instagram of her mini-me daughter.

Instagram: @maryviturino18

Mary Viturino. Photo: Channel 10

Tash Dowell, NSW

34-year-old sports teacher Tash is hanging up her boots and getting glammed up to fight it out for Matt Agnew’s heart on The Bachelor this year. Tash is also a surfer a snowboarder and a country girl living in the city.

Instagram: @tashadowell

Tash Dowell. Photo: Channel 10

Georgie Powell, QLD

Pommie chick 32-year-old Georgie Powell, is a cosmetics injector who thinks her and Matt Agnew are a match made in Bachie heaven. The mum-of-two posts the most adorable photos of her kids on her Instagram page and shares snaps from her days at work and the beach.

Instagram: @georginajpowell

Georgie Powell. Photo: Channel 10

Hannah Chapman, VIC

Hannah Chapman is a social media manager from Melbourne who thinks she’ll be able to knock the socks off Matt Agnew with her ‘dorky’ sense of humour.

Looking like she came straight out of the pages of Vogue, Hannah’s Instagram is brimming with beautiful artsy photos we would only expect from a social media manager.

Instagram: @hannahecha

Hannah Chapman. Photo: Channel 10

Isabelle Davies, QLD

The 29-year-old pilates and barre instructor claims ‘you’ve never met anyone like me’ on her Instagram page. She loves a good swimsuit snap and uploads snaps from her days at the Opera Bar to her travels to Japan.

Instagram: @isabelledaviesx

Isabelle Davies. Photo: Channel 10

Sam Royce, VIC

Proving she’s just like us, Sam uploaded this photo to her Instagram account alongside the caption: “If you look closely at this piece of evidence, you can see the exact moment she realised she probably should have taken the producer’s advice and looked up some YouTube videos on ‘how to pose’ or ‘modelling for dummies’”.

The 29-year-old is passionate about ending poverty and protecting the planet.

Instagram: @samroyceee

Sam Royce. Photo: Channel 10

Julia Hyde, NSW

Children’s entertainer, Julia, jokes on Instagram that she ‘called in her fairy-godmother for a little bit of magic’ when she applied for the show. The 28-year-old’s Instagram is jam-packed full of headshots and images from her stage shows.

Instagram: @itsjuliahyde

Julia Hyde. Photo: Channel 10

Renee J Barrett, NT

The 25-year-old, who loves painting and spearfishing, is vying for Matt Agnew’s heat this year. Speaking to 10 Daily, Renee said her ultimate date would include a cheese platter on a beach. Same!

Instagram: @reneejbarrett

Renee J Barrett. Photo: Channel 10

Emma Roche, NSW

32-year-old Irish-born Emma is ‘thrilled’ to be on The Bachelor journey this year. The fashion brand manager is mum to two cute pooches who fill up her Instagram feed.

Instagram: @miss_emma_roche

Emma Roche. Photo: Channel 10

Jessie Ashley, WA

The 30-year-old is into traveling, adventure, whiskey and books and is hoping Matt Agnew is on the same wavelength as her. She’s also a dog-lover and a social butterfly if her Instagram is anything to go by.

Instagram: @jessie_ashley__

Jessie Ashley. Photo: Channel 10

Brianna Ferrante, WA

Brianna loves to travel, post selfies with her friends and live life to the fullest. The 24-year-old told 10 Daily she’s after a partner who can be ‘like a best friend’.

Instagram: @briferrante

Brianna Ferrante. Photo: Channel 10

Tara Norman, VIC

Tara told 10 Daily she hasn’t dated for the past two years and is ready to delve into a world of love with Matt Agnew. The 25-year-old loves to travel and even went to Coachella this year to party with her mates.

Instagram: @taraamaree

Tara Norman. Photo: Channel 10

Cassandra Mamone, SA

Cassandra is a 33-year-old engagement ring designer from South Australia who’s getting ready to shine bright like a diamond on The Bachelor this year. You need to take a look at her Instagram account to see the incredible jewellery she creates.

People love it so much she already has 22,000 followers on Instagram.

Instagram: @cassandramamone

Cassandra Mamone. Photo: Channel 10

Elly Miles, NSW

Elly is a 24-year-old nurse from NSW who asked her followers on Instagram to “count how many times I say ‘crikey, bloody and struth’ on this wild journey”. Her beautiful Instagram is full of happy family shots and snapshots of days at the beach.

Instagram: @ellymiles

Elly Miles. Photo: Channel 10

Jessica Brody, VIC

The 30-year-old from Melbourne already has 271,000 followers on Instagram, who all follow her for her outfit posts, her selfies and inspirational quotes. The makeup artist is hoping to strike up a relationship with Matt Agnew on this year’s The Bachelor Australia.

Instagram: @jessica_brody

Jessica Brody. Photo: Channel 10

Kristen Czyszek, QLD

The 24-year-old China Researcher has just returned from two years living in China and seemed delighted that Matt could speak a few words of Mandarin. Kristen told 10 Daily she’s looking for love and someone to have ‘two little girls’ with. Watch this space.

Instagram: Unknown

Kristen Czyszek. Photo: Channel 10

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