Bachelor fans fuming over first rose ceremony

Sarah Carty
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It’s the reality show that brings us on an emotional rollercoaster each week, with a bunch of ladies vying for the heart of one man.

However, while it’s usually the bachelorettes that cop heat on Twitter when The Bachelor Australia airs, the Bachelor himself, Matt Agnew came under fire last night after his very first rose ceremony.

People on Twitter are fuming over Matt Agnew's decision on The Bachelor last night. Photo: Channel 10

The 32-year-old astrophysicist had to face a room full of 20 women at the end of last night’s show, but he had just 18 roses to hand out, meaning two contestants wheeled out their suitcases before they even had the chance to unpack.

And while everyone online thought 23-year-old Rachael Arahill, who arrived wearing a wedding dress to the ‘first impressions’, would be leaving the show, Matt decided to give her his last rose.

Needless to say, people were absolutely fuming online, as we said goodbye to Keely Spedding and Sophie Oddo.

Bachelorette Rachael Arahill got the final rose, with two other contestants going home. Photo: Channel 10

Especially as Rachael herself thought she was a goner, turning around to the other girls and saying: “I’m gone” as Matt called out the names.

“Why am I in the bottom, is he blind or something?,” she then said in a piece to camera.

Check out some of the reactions to Matt’s decision below:

Rachael is sure to ruffle some feathers in the Bachelor mansion, after arriving in a wedding dress, a veil and with a bridesmaid in tow.

The NSW woman told 10 Daily before the show aired that she thinks she going to be ‘the next Keira’ on this season of The Bachelor.

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