Zoe Foster-Blake reveals 'favourite mascara' with over 500 rave reviews

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If you know anything about skincare, you'll know that Zoe Foster-Blake is the Queen of skin and beauty products.

Recognised globally for her cult skincare brand, Go-To, the successful entrepreneur has a huge following with her recommendations usually selling out within minutes.

It was no surprise then when she called this mascara the "best" while celebrating her birthday in Italy and the internet went wild.

"This one still has the best volume of any I've tried."

The White Knight Mascara by Poni Cosmetics is a "tubular mascara for swims with no panda eyes" and costs just $32 with over 500 rave reviews.

Two screenshots side by side, the left of Zoe Foster Blake's white mascara against a white background and on the right, a selfie with her and her friends in Italy.
Skincare royalty, Zoe Foster-Blake sent Instagram into meltdown when she revealed her favourite mascara while celebrating her birthday in Italy. Photo: Instagram/zotheysay


Turn up the volume

The mascara from Evette Hess-McEwan of esmi Skin Minerals fame, is known for its amazing lengthening and clump-free volume formula, which according to Zoe, is quite the feature in a tubular mascara.

"Tubular mascaras are not known for volume."

"What they ARE good at is being semi-waterproof, and being removed with warm water, not remover, making them ideal for warm weather holidays and a complete lack of panda eyes in general."

And that's exactly why she loves the White Knight, the water-resistant formula is perfect for swimming and sun-drenched Mediterranean holidays, with a unique dual-functioning brush for extra long lashes.

The White Knight mascara white tube raised on a clear bubble against a pale pink background with the brush in front of it also raised on a clear bubble.
Poni Cosmetics' White Knight mascara is loved for its lengthening and clump-free formula, without leaving 'panda eyes'. Photo: Supplied

VIP treatment

The formula is guaranteed to be smudge-proof, even in humid (Italian) weather while being gentle on sensitive eyes.

It also contains three powerful growth ingredients so your lashes are getting a little extra treatment while giving you that VIP look.

Zoe's followers couldn't wait to wear the same mascara and found it worked just like she said.

The White Knight mascara tube in white lying on a cream background with another tube on the right with the brush out and black formula smeared on the surface.
The White Knight mascara quickly sold out in several of its retailers with brands having to restock to meet the demand. Source: Supplied

"Love my white knight," one wrote on Esmi's website, "I’m onto my 4th tube and am not looking back.

"I love that it comes off at the end of the day without risk of panda eyes, it doesn’t run or sting throughout the day and still gives that full lash look. 10/10 for me."

Where can I get it?

White Knight mascara quickly sold out after Zoe's post, but you can still score a tube directly from Esmi's website as well as online at Recreate Yourself.

But be quick - it's running out the door!

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