Zendaya speaks out about awkward Sunrise interview: 'It's odd'

Zendaya has labelled the cringeworthy interview with Edwina Bartholomew as 'weird'.

Zendaya has spoken out after an extremely awkward interview with Sunrise's Edwina Bartholomew, with the interview going viral last week and fans labelling it as "messy".

Zendaya was recently in Australia for the premiere of her newest film Challengers and did interviews to promote the movie, where the awkward encounter with Edwina happened after she asked Zendaya who was the "best kisser" between her co-stars Mike Faist and Josh O'Connor. The question was a response to a steamy makeout scene between the three actors.

The actress appeared less than impressed by the question and answered with a simple 'Hmm?' as though she hadn't heard the question. The interaction resulted in Mike jumping in to help Zendaya out, saying "Josh" and taking the attention away from her answering.

Zendaya was left less than impressed by Edwina's question. Photo: Seven
Zendaya was left less than impressed by Edwina's question. Photo: Seven

Now Zendaya has seemingly addressed the awkward moment, saying that kissing scenes are a "normal" part of her job as an actress.


"'Thank you for bringing that up, because I thought the same thing. I'm like, 'This is weird'," she said to Jake Hamilton.

Zendaya has addressed her awkward interview with Sunrise's Edwina. Photo: https://twitter.com/JakesTakes

"I don't know if it's because they want it to be like a viral thing, I don't know. But I have noticed that, with me specifically," she continued. "I feel like… If it was somebody else here, you probably wouldn’t be asked that question. It is odd."

The clip of Zendaya and Edwina went viral last week, with many people labelling it "embarrassing".

"Her face when she said it 😭," one person said. "Mike, it seems, recognised the lameness of said question and immediately said Josh," someone else commented. "Love these three."


"Why did she ask that 😭😭," another added. "Embarrassing. Grade three question," someone else said.

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