Boy's X-rated Christmas tree mistake leaves internet in stitches

When it comes to kids’ homework, there’s usually nothing funny about having to sit with them for hours making sure they do it all.

However, one parent was no doubt left in stitches after their son made a very rude mistake while drawing decorations on a Christmas tree.

Christmas tree with balls
A child took the instructions to draw balls on this Christmas tree very literally. Photo: Reddit

A photo of the fail was posted to Reddit, alongside the caption: “Timmy needs a time out”.

The snap shows a smiling Christmas tree with the instructions ‘Draw balls on the tree’ written above it.

Hilariously, the boy decided to interpret the instructions in his own imaginative way, drawing male genitalia on the tree as opposed to Christmas baubles.

“NO TIMMY NO!” one person commented underneath the photo, while another said: “Classic mistake. Ask more open questions.”


Christmas tree with red and white baubles and lights against an old wood background
Many people pointed out the correct term is 'baubles'. Photo: Getty Images

Others stuck up for Timmy, saying that he actually followed the instructions to a tee and they were unclear in the first place.

“Well he was asked to draw balls,” one person said, with another saying: “I remember doing something almost exactly like this in kindergarten. I could not figure out why I was being punished for doing exactly what was asked.”

Commenters also pointed out that the correct terms is actually ‘baubles’ and the way it was worded in the instructions may have confused Timmy.

“Or ornament. Why would you not leave it more open ended for kids' imagination to run with?” another person wrote.

Last week, a set of Santa Cookies sold at Target in the US went viral online after shoppers spotted a potentially NSFW fail in the design.

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