X-rated Myer find leaves shoppers in stitches: 'Fantastic'

A Myer homewares print has sold out after shoppers discovered naughty details in the design.

"Went to Myer on the weekend and noticed this on the 50% off table. Had a quick squizz at what was in the box, thought 'meh' and put it back down," one customer wrote in a shopping Facebook group.

"That's when I noticed the print. So yeah it came home with me," she added, referring to the risqué design of the print, which features animals being rather amorous.

La La Land gift pack featuring items with Wild Fur You print in which animals are mating, on sale at Myer
One Myer shopper was going to leave the sale product until she noticed the amusing design. Photo: Facebook

"So I'm having a look and I'm thinking ohh a new animal and plant print, they're some cute leaves oh what are those elephants doing... oh and the flamingos and monkeys HAHHAHAHAHAH," one amused shopper commented about the design.

The Wild Fur You range is described on the Myer site as "cheeky" and "a perfect adult gift to stand against the ordinary" and Aussies are loving it.


"I've never wanted something so much in my life," one woman wrote, and a man added: "Fantastic!"

"I almost accidentally got the dog version for my mum for Christmas. Was at the register and just about to hand it over and laughed and said better not! The shop assistant had a good laugh and sold me a nice smelly candle instead," another person said.

Wild Fur You product range from Myer including tea towel, coaster, jug, shopping bag, makeup bag and coffee keep cup featuring animals mating
An Aussie artist is behind the risqué products. Photo: Myer

"I bought a shopping bag for my mum with this print, as well as a small make-up pouch. She loves it. And it's quite funny when she hands it to a cashier at the checkout," she shared.

The illustrations are the creation of talented young Aussie artist Lilly Perrott who designs cheeky Australian-themed illustrations as the in-house artist at La La Land.

While some people may find them a little controversial, they've become a bit of a cult buy and a sought-after present as they are both beautiful and funny.

This isn't the first time that shoppers have gone wild for Lilly's saucy illustrations either. In 2020, the prints caused a buzz and sold out everywhere.

Artist Lilly Perrott in a living room; Close-up picture of Wild Fur You small bag being held by a woman
Lilly Perrott has seen her Wild Fur You range sell out numerous times due to its tongue-in-cheek design. Photo:

Lilly explained on her website how the collection began as a simple idea that snowballed.

"Well, as with every great idea, it all started as a bit of fun; a brainstorming project between La La Land Founder and Creative Director, Elie Azzi, and I," she explained.

"What started as a concept of two rabbits humping for a Valentine's Day card soon evolved into the idea of illustrating a variety of colourful animals with tropical, jungle-style leaves to accompany the romantic greeting, 'I'm Wild Fur You'."

They then decided to use the design on tea towels and market bags as a playful gift for those Valentine's Day customers and the Wild Fur You collection was brought to life.

The range quickly sold out and resulted in more products being added to the line-up. If you're lucky enough to stumble on some, you'd best pounce.

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