Kim Kardashian brutally mocked over two-hour Harvard speech: 'Yikes'

The reality TV star was speaking about her multi-billion-dollar company SKIMS.

Kim Kardashian surprised fans on Friday when she appeared at Harvard Business School to lecture students for almost two hours about her multi-billion-dollar company SKIMS. Appearing with her business partner Jens Grede, the star discussed the success of her shapewear brand to inspire current students.

Harvard Business students are currently completing an assignment about SKIMS, which Kim said she found “crazy” and added that it was a ‘bucket list dream’. Last year, her clothing brand received a value of $3.2 billion, and Forbes estimates that the reality TV star owns approximately 35% of the company.

L: Kim Kardashian wearing a Harvard Business hat. R: Kim Kardashian in a white t-shirt
Kim Kardashian has been roasted online after giving a speech at Harvard Business School. Photo: Instagram/kimkardashian

“I spoke at Harvard Business School yesterday for a class called HBS Moving Beyond DTC,” she wrote on Instagram, alongside snaps of herself posing in a power suit on campus.

“The class assignment was to learn about SKIMS, so my partner Jens and I spoke about our marketing, our challenges and our greatest wins.

“I’m so proud of SKIMS and the thought that it is a course being studied at Harvard is just crazy!!! Thank you professor Len Schlesinger and Harvard Business School for having us. #BucketListDream,” she gushed.


While some students said they were honoured to learn from the businesswoman, many people roasted the 42-year-old on social media.

“Out of all the smart ppl in the world and Harvard gets this woman that can’t put together a coherent sentence in person. YIKES,” one person wrote.

Kim Kardashian posing next to a Harvard Business School sign
The reality TV star wore a bold pinstripe suit for her Harvard visit. Photo: Instagram/kimkardashian

“Harvard needs a better marketing strategy. This wannabe isn't worth listening to for five minutes, let alone two hours,” another declared.

“What's there to study? she was an established celebrity that was the face of a brand concept and products that were created by much more intelligent behind-the-scenes people,” a third pointed out.

“Did your speech start with “I started with more recourses at my disposal than 99.999% of Americans.”? Great company, however, let’s be honest. It’s a hell of a lot easier for you to start a Fortune 500 company than the middle-class American and it has nothing to do with hard work,” another commented passionately.

“Poor Kim Kardashian must have missed the memo where she was the inside joke when asked to speak at Harvard Business School,” remarked another.

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However, students that attended the lecture found it interesting and said they ‘learned a lot’.

“I think a lot of people don’t respect her as someone who is co-running a multi-billion dollar company,” a student named Liz told NBC10 Boston.

“Just to learn from someone who has built such a successful business was really exciting and I think having the privacy of no cameras in the room, being able to have that candid conversation was special too.”

Kim’s fanbase also praised the star for channelling her inner Elle Woods, referring to Reese Witherspoon’s 2001 film Legally Blonde, based around a sorority queen who manages to be accepted into Harvard Law School.

Kim Kardashian wearing a pink bikini and shorts standing in front of a rack of clothing
The businesswoman often wears clothing from her SKIMS brand. Photo: Instagram/kimkardashian

“LOL people are actually upset that Kim Kardashian spoke at Harvard Business School today. Um hello she is a successful businesswoman! It makes sense to me,” a fan explained.

“She has a multi-billion dollar asset and you don't, while still managing to be a fantastic mother... f**k yeah I'd listen,” another fired back at a negative comment.


“You can decry the superficiality…but the numbers ($$) speak for themselves. They turned a name and look into billions. Marketing. There’s a lot of people out there who would like that net worth…and I’m guessing they wouldn’t complain about the path to get there,” a third chimed in.

"Read the negative comments about the self-made billionaire to see what pure, undiluted jealousy looks like,” another remarked.

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