X-rated detail in $1 Shaver Shop item leaves shoppers in stitches

Shoppers have noticed a hilarious X-rated detail in a Shaver Shop item reduced to $1 from $129.95.

A photo of the Personal Touch massager was posted to Facebook, with many admitting they did a double take as it resembled a sex toy.

The Shaver Shop website says the Personal Touch Full-Size Wireless Wand, which is currently sold out online, says it creates the "best therapeutic massage" and relaxes the body and eliminates pain.

The website also says it is "splash-proof and whisper quiet".

"So there’s no worry about sweat or water interrupting your massage," the product description stated.

One review on the website claimed the item was "funny looking".

"Funny looking, raises eyebrows, but helps my foot," one review read.

The $1 item raised a few eyebrows. Source: Facebook
The $1 item raised a few eyebrows. Source: Facebook

People on Facebook agreed it did not look like your standard massaging wand, with some suggesting it may have "other uses".

"There are some stores showing stock but they are demo stock and they can’t sell them... A tad worried about these being demo?" one commented before another replied, "Yeah I’m gonna pass on the shop floor model".

“I just think of Sex and the City and Samantha,” another person wrote, referring to a scene in the series in which Kim Cattrall's character offers expert advice to others shopping for women-friendly massagers at an appliance store.

"Wow, you’ll get some real bang for your buck," a third joked.

"Sorry is this a vibrator?" somebody bluntly questioned.


Others commented on what a great deal it was for the product.

"See now THIS is a sale!!! What a bargain! You’d buy one for yourself and all your friends and family at that price! Merry Christmas everyone," a comment read.

"End-of-year teacher gift now that wouldn’t be awkward," another said.

"For $1 each you could buy a few spares," a third added.

It comes after Coles caused a stir earlier this year after an unlikely item was spotted in the grocery giant's Mother's Day catalogue.

Page three of the brochure sent customers into a spin as it featured a similar suspect massage wand as a suggested gift for Mum.

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