X-rated Aldi lube query sparks hysterical reactions from mums

A mum’s intimate enquiry on an Aldi Facebook page has raised eyebrows online, and sparked a hysterical chain reaction in the process.

A mum kicked off a thread on an Aldi Facebook fan page this week, after she wondered whether the supermarket stocked contraception and sexual health supplies.

Aldi Australia lube sexual health product enquiry sparks funny reaction
A public enquiry about Aldi's more intimate stock has sparked a frenzy on a fan Facebook group. Photo: Getty Images

“Does Aldi sell lube?” was the seemingly-innocuous question posed on Monday evening.

Less innocuous were the responses posted, none of which actually answered her question – they don’t if you were wondering.

Lube request prompts hundreds of side-splitting comments

Screenshot of Aldi post 'does Aldi sell lube' with 440 'likes' and 667 comments
The post sparked hundreds of hysterical comments. Photo: Facebook

Many were flabbergasted that she had posted the question on the group, wondering if she had mixed up Facebook with Google search.

“Google search v Facebook - easily mixed up,” one lady wrote.

“This is hilarious,” another agreed.

The woman who posted the original question clarified that it was no mistake, though claimed she was ‘asking for a friend’.


Other quickly flooded the post with suggestions of substitute products.

“Yes...if you're imaginative,” one woman responded.

“They sell vaso,” one woman pointed out.

One suggested “vagtable [sic] oil” as a sub in, while another pointed out the budget supermarket had a ripper price on coconut oil.

Perhaps strangest was one comment pointing to the supermarket’s dairy section, where yoghurt and butter got honourable mentions.

Official advice says avoid ‘creative’ lubricants

Needless to say, official medical advice strongly discourages people from repurposing cooking ingredients or petroleum jelly for personal lubricant.

Oil-based lubricants like petroleum jelly or baby oil, can even weaken condoms making them less effective as contraception.

Proper water-based lubrication is, however, encouraged as part of healthy sex and is available at other supermarkets like Woolworths and Coles.

One person wondered if the strict lockdown measures in place in Melbourne have anything to do with the enquiry.

“Must be bored during lockdown,” she pointed out.

It’s not the first time a product has prompted a ‘not safe for work’ discussion online.

Earlier this year a Kmart massage gun raised eyebrows with four different head attachments and five-speed settings for users to customise – though the retailer maintains it is designed to ease muscle pain and nothing more.

Online commentators saw a much more... intimate use for the gun however and had readers in stitches with their naughty jokes at the gun’s expense.

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