This $89 Kmart massage gun has got everyone talking

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A nifty massage gun released by Kmart has gone viral online for not only offering a budget alternative to more expensive models, but also providing everyone with a bit of a laugh.

The $89 massage gun comes with four different head attachments and five-speed settings for users to customise - and just to clarify, it is a massage gun for your body to help with muscle aches and pains.

Kmart $89 massage gun
The $89 massage gun has everybody talking. Photo: Facebook

The devices - other versions of which can cost anywhere from $100 to $700 and are often used as part of physiotherapy - have been flying off the shelves.

One man shared his excitement when he was able to get his hands on one in a Kmart Facebook group.

“Just got my hands on the new $89 Massage Gun after eying them off for a while, hopefully it helps my back,” he said, before adding, “If not I’m going to have a very happy wife.”


The post quickly went viral with more 800 comments, some people saying they desperately “want one”.

“Could actually use that to help with my headaches,” was one comment.

“Went to get one today and all gone,” another bemoaned.

Funnily enough, the popularity of the device was not the only reason the post has gone viral with some woman drawing hilarious comparisons to a massage device of a different kind.

“It’s called a magic wand,” one person quipped.

“Yup, it’s a vibrator in disguise everyone knows it,” was another woman’s response.

The product is part of Kmart’s latest collection of home and living new releases, that also include an air purifier, a stand mixer, and indoor faux plants.

Melbourne, Australia - January 2, 2015: Kmart store in Burwood in suburban Melbourne. Kmart is a discount department store owned by Wesfarmers.
Kmart has released a new range of budget homewares. Photo: Getty

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