Mums lose it over X-rated lockdown activity

A new X-rated lockdown activity has shocked Facebook users, after a woman shared her new business venture – adults only plaster painting!

Tyla Buchanan of Plaster Kids took to Facebook to reveal her new product: a plaster penis.

Woman with paint on her hands looks surprised
Social media users have been shocked to see an X-rated lockdown activity on Facebook. Photo: Getty

She wrote, "Has [COVID-19] made your life boring and you're looking for that spark... Or really just some fun in your life?

"Kids can't always have fun painting it's time for us adults to have fun," she wrote.

"These plaster moulds by Plaster Kids look like the real deal, add it to your bedside table as a decoration, or your bookshelf. Standing 12cm tall, you won't be disappointed."

The post continued, revealing that for $10.95, you receive "paint to make it colourful and a pot of glitter to make that thing sparkle".

Tyla also added, "Please note these are made to order."


The post quickly gained over 800 cheeky comments from Facebook users.

One user tagged their friends and wrote, "Good activity while in iso," with their friend responding, "Now this is a wine and painting night I could get around!"

Another added, "The words made to order, the logo and the glitter just made me laugh and spit my tea out across the room, thank you for the laugh!"

Someone else asked, "Are they real models [you're] using?" To which Tyla responded, "Just 'food safe' ones."

The user added, "I was gonna say your partner deserves a holiday after that... They are awesome definitely getting one for mum's birthday."

Tyla joked in another comment, "I'll be pouring penises 24/7... hope my partner doesn't get jealous."

Plaster penises ready for painting
The plaster penises caused quite the stir on social media! Photo: Supplied

She added, "Oh and glow in the dark paint is on it's way and will be added to the packs when it arrives."

Another commenter wrote, "Tyla love your creativity! This is hilarious. Perfect hens night activity."

Someone else cheekily joked, "Are they waterproof?" Another user wrote, "Imagine Christmas when Grandma is visiting. Why do you have a painted sparkly d**k on the book shelf Summer. Oh don’t worry Gran I got you one too."

One user added, "That'd make an interesting coat hook at the front door."

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle, Tyla revealed it was a friend who gave her the idea to do something "outside the box".

"I had someone say to me to be different, think outside the box. I've had it on my mind for a while but never moved forwards with it until a few months ago.

"They have been sitting on my shelf since."

And, unsurprisingly, they've proven to be very good for business, she revealed that website orders are currently closed due to the overwhelming response. However, she will be ready to take new orders soon.

"As the business is run by one person – me – I've had to close the orders for them [in order] to keep up. But extra materials are on their way to produce more."

Tyla added that has had great response from people who have purchased the product, "I have! Friends are excited to send them to their friends stuck in iso. Many have requested a little note to go in with their order."

One thing she wasn't prepared for, however, was the huge response on social media, "I knew it would be right out there. Both with negative and positive. But wasn't expecting such a huge response. I had to take my phone off vibration mode when I receive a notification as it didn't stop!"

Women enjoying a hen's day
Many Facebook users suggested the plaster painting would be perfect for hen's nights. Photo: Getty

She continued, "I was very overwhelmed. That a lot of people were very negative and even suggested leaving bad reviews on my page and calling me a [paedophile] and much more.

"They obviously don't know what a bit of fun means and the product is in no way meant for anyone under 18.

"For the last two years I have been strongly focused on kids and, well, kids can't have all the fun," she said.

Tyla added, "Brides are looking for fun things to do on their hen’s nights, that's not the same old stuff. Mum's want to have a laugh and drinks with their friends. We all need to have fun and that's what I focus on... people of all ages having fun, no matter what the product is."

One thing that came up in the Facebook post was that the name Plaster Kids maybe wasn't 'suitable' given the new product she's selling, but don't expect the business to change its name any time soon.

Tyla revealed the adults section of the website is only about two per cent of her business so she won't be considering a name change.

"The name Plaster Kids is so well known. The product will be very discreetly advertised unless in 18+ groups," she said.

She added that a lot of people didn't understand why she had the name of her brand on the photo of the X-rated item, but she needed to do so as a watermark to protect her products "as there isn't anything like this around".

When asked whether she will make more adults only products, Tyla remained coy, saying, "I have a few ideas and requests. So you will have to wait and see."

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