Mum shocked by X-rated Kmart kids toy

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An Aussie mum has taken to Facebook to share her shock at finding something X-rated on a toy she purchased for her child from Kmart.

The mother shared the find in the Kmart Hacks and Decor Facebook group and revealed the toy was part of Kmart's Dream Winter Castle set.

She shared the below snap, commenting on the very odd shaped "unicorn horn".

X-rated horse from Kmart
An Aussie mum was shocked to discover this odd looking horse as part of Kmart's Dream Winter Castle set. Photo: Facebook

She wrote, "Mmkay Kmart. Subliminal messages or the guys at the castle making factory were high af... 2020 unicorn horn?"

"Sorry all, it's actually quite clear it's a feather. Please excuse my confusion," she added sarcastically in an edit of the post.

The mum was then forced to add yet another edit, "Above edit is sarcasm, it's CLEARLY a penis. I had so many people point out that it is not in fact a unicorn but a horse with a feather. 'A plume'."

Dream Winter Castle set from Kmart
The horse was purchased as part of the Dream Winter Castle set from Kmart. Photo: Facebook

"Like alright, let's correct me on that part... But never mind the huge oddly shaped feather, that's SO normal."

One user commented, "This has actually made my day!"

Another joked, "People! This species is none other than the Biggus-D***us White Horse, originating from the Isle of Stiffrod."

Someone else said, "In what world does this look like a feather?"

Not the first time...

It comes just a few weeks after another mum made an X-rated discovery in her daughter's Frozen II diary from Kmart.

Toni Alamos, from Toowoomba, revealed her daughter Millie had received the notepad-style book for her fifth birthday from a friend but when she flicked through the pages she made a shocking discovery.

“Anyone who got the Elsa 'Frozen 2 secret Diary'. Just be careful!!! Honestly can't believe it!!!,” the mum wrote sharing a video of the discovery on Facebook.

On a page inside the diary the mum was horrified to find lists of sex positions and sex toys, included in the binding.

The video quickly went viral with plenty of other parents also sharing their shock.

“Woah!! Holy moly,” one person commented.

“Haha I'm dead,” another wrote.

“I saw it, unbelievable,” was a third comment.

While a fourth quipped: “Well looks like someone forgot they were printing on scrap paper in the office.”

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