World's oldest supermodel, 91, stuns in nude photo: 'Insane'

Carmen Dell'Orefice is the world’s oldest working supermodel, and at 91, she’s still comfortable in her own skin.

The silver-haired beauty shot to fame as one of the youngest Vogue models ever, when she graced the publication’s pages at age 15 in 1946.

L: Carmen Dell'Orefice in 2005 on the runway. R: Carmen Dell'Orefice in 1950
Carmen Dell'Orefice has been working in the modelling industry since she was 15. Photo: Getty

She hasn’t stopped working since and recently stripped for New You in a racy nude photoshoot.

When asked how it felt modelling nude at 91, the model praised fashion photographer Fadil Berisha.

“Working with acclaimed photographer Fadil [Berisha], it’s their perception of what they see in you or me. We are there, a synergy starts to happen, and they bring it out," she explained.

“It’s where their mindset is. The photographer’s mindset is high, not in the gutter. It’s all projection. We’re all silent actresses, and that’s what it’s about,” she told the publication.


In Carmen’s nude photo, she is shown lying on a bed while covering her modesty with the covers. Her long legs are on full display as she smiles shyly to the side.

The model shared the cover with another trailblazer — Beverly Johnson, 69, who was Vogue’s first-ever black cover model in 1974.

Beverly was extremely excited to work with ‘her idol’, and gushed about Carmen to the magazine.

“She is model goals. She’s been a mentor to me and doesn’t even know, and I have the utmost respect for this woman. I know all of her photographs. She has the biggest, most stunning body of work of any model in fashion,” she said.

Carmen also had some wise words about ageing gracefully, saying that people ‘grow every day’.

“We’re not finished until the day we’re finished. You learn something from the day before, and you’re constantly changing yourself like the hands of a clock.

“Time is passing, but you can’t see the hands move. That’s happening to humans daily, and it’s how you handle and accept the change,” she said.

Social media was flooded with comments from people who were astounded by how young Carmen looked.

“Hold up. She’s 91 and she’s still looking fresh like she dipped in the fountain of youth?” one person asked.

“She’s still got it and I hope I look that GREAT at age [91]. She makes us girls so very proud, most of all in complete awe at her ageless beauty,” added a second.

“Aged so gracefully omg,” a third wrote, while another fan added: “What is her secret to never [growing] old?”.

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