Woolworths shopper baffled by 'absurd' online shopping fail

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A Woolworths shopper has made a surprising find after receiving her online grocery order.

Taking to Facebook the woman wrote: “You know there is a food shortage when this comes in your online woolies order for an iceberg lettuce.”

Exterior view of Woolworths Miranda supermarket during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown
Other shoppers were quick to share their online shopping fails. Source: Getty Images.

Alongside her comment, she posted a picture of the tiny bunch of lettuce leaves instead of the iceberg lettuce she had ordered.

What she received was so small that it was no bigger than the palm of her hand.

Needless to say, others were just as surprised by the online shopping fail with the post gaining more than 6.5K likes and 1.1K comments.

“That’s the saddest looking lettuce, you probably would’ve been better off with two leaves of the real iceberg lettuce. Just like the Titanic, they couldn’t see the iceberg,” one person joked.

“I'd be making a tiny salad with my tiny lettuce, and present it personally to the store manager to show him tiny minds some of his staff obviously have,” added another.

“I thought the Woolworths mini collectables were finished?!” added a third.


Woolworths order fail
After ordering an iceberg lettuce in her Woolworths online order, this is what the shopper received instead. Source: Facebook.

Luckily, the shopper also saw the funny side of the slip-up, going on to say that she hadn’t reached out to Woolworths.

“... I didn't complain holding up phone lines, I get it! I will just go with the flow. A lot more doing it tougher than me,” she wrote.

“I just saw the funny side of it lol I didn't get angry just the opposite. [I had] a good laugh.”

She’s not the only one

Others were quick to comment with their own online order fails, sharing that they’d recently had a similar experience of receiving questionable inclusions.

“You should have seen the half a cauliflower they sent me. It was about the size of an apple. It really is ridiculous,” one person wrote.

“They substituted a whole rockmelon for half and it was smaller than my hand. Ii also didn't request a refund,” another amused customer said, adding: “Also, I ordered nappies for my son and they sent tampons instead.”

A third customer added that she had received a very tiny tomato, with her online order recently.

“Looks like the tomato I received. Slightly bigger than a cherry tomato (apple for reference),” she wrote next to a picture of what she received.

Surprisingly though, some people said they were better off with the substitute selected for them.

“I ordered a pack of tomato’s and they gave me a variety of tomatoes that would be larger than the pack I ordered. Loving the variety and can’t complain,” one person said.

Others added that they had scored extra items that weren’t originally included in their order.

Woolworths produce
Another shopper received a smaller than usual tomatoe with her online order. Source: Facebook

Woolworths responds to online order fail

Yahoo Lifestyle understands that the small lettuce included in the shopper’s order was an isolated incident and is not related to the current supermarket supply chain challenges.

“We have a dedicated team of personal shoppers who work hard to handpick thousands of online orders to the highest standard every day,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

“While our teams work hard to provide a great experience every time, we don't always get it right and this order fell well below our usual standards for produce.

“We encourage the customer to contact us directly so we can provide a refund.”

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