Woolworths price glitch sparks hilarious reaction: 'Should've gone to Specsavers'

There's no doubt that supermarket prices are skyrocketing at the moment. But when one Woolworths customer noticed an astoundingly high price, she knew it had to be a glitch.

While doing some shopping at her local Woolies store in Sydney’s South West, the woman was left pretty amused after spotting the obvious pricing error.

Sharing her find on Facebook, the shopper wrote: "Today's laugh, at Woolies Casula" alongside a picture of some plastic novelty Easter bunny glasses with the incredible price tag of $40.

Woolworths Easter glasses with $40 price tag
Talk about a price hike. The Woolworths shopper was shocked to see the crazy price tag on a plastic pair of glasses. Source: Facebook

Her post was instantly filled with hilarious responses from other shoppers who took the opportunity to join in on the joke.

“Should've gone to Specsavers,” one person joked, while another added, “Damn Easter is expensive this year!”.

“Geez they really are putting the prices up on things,” quipped another Facebook user. “Petrol prices and now this!”

It seems the price bungle has been spotted at other stores too, with another shopper sharing a picture of an entire Easter section at her local Woolworths with crazy price tags.

“I’ve seen similar a few weeks ago at Woolies Strathpine. I took the photo to show the staff at the checkout but forgot. Nearly died at half of the prices,” she said.

Woolies Easter range with incorrect price tags
Another shopper spotted similar errors across the entire Easter range in her local Woolworths store. Source: Facebook

And this isn’t the only bizarre pricing glitch that shoppers have spotted. One woman wrote that she recently saw baby formula listed at an astronomical price.

“I went to buy my daughter's baby formula and it said $700,” she commented. “It scanned at that price too. I ended up getting one free and the second half price.”


How does this happen?

While some saw the funny side of the price mix-up, others questioned how such a huge pricing error can happen in the first place.

Luckily, there were plenty of Woolworths employees ready to weigh in on how this price confusion often comes about.

“I can confirm that is not the price. I did the Easter corner in my store and when we print the tickets out they print as carton prices (what you see is the price for the whole carton),” the employee revealed.

Woolworths storefront
Woolworths employees confirmed that price tags on Easter products were showing the cost per carton rather than per item. Source: Getty

“We then have to fill the stock and go back through and reorder all the tickets for the individual items. Individual prices are also on the boxes as well.”

Another confirmed this is indeed the case and has caused price errors with other items before.

“Whoever has done the ticket has put whole carton price up instead of the individual price of the item,” they said.

Well, it looks like some price hikes aren't actually the real deal.

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