Woolworths reveals budget three-course Christmas lunch for under $80

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Woolworths store logo
Woolworths has revealed how to have an epic Christmas lunch for under $80. Photo: Getty Images

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year!

Time off work, seeing friends and family, beautiful sunny weather, gift-giving and aaaaallllll the delicious food.

For all the great elements, it can still turn into a slightly stressful event for the person hosting Christmas lunch when you have begun thinking about shopping and prices and cooking times and allergies and so on and so on.

A dining table set for four places with ham, meringues and salad.
Feed your family of four a three-course lunch for under $80 bucks. Source: Woolworths

Thankfully, Woolworths have released a comprehensive, budget-friendly shopping list and meal plan to make your Christmas lunch an absolute breeze!


The ultimate four-person Christmas spread for $73.10

Put your feet up and enjoy a cuppa; the tricky bits are done for you!

Woolies have designed your entire menu for us, including a cheese board (yes), a main, sides and dessert.

Black truffle-infused salami from Woolworths
Yum, start the meal off with a cheese board featuring this black truffle-infused salami. Source: Woolworths

To start, get your charcuterie on with Thomas Dux Truffle Salami, $6; Woolworths Macro Black Sesame Hommus $4; Woolworths Cracked Pepper Water Crackers, $0.95 and Woolworths Cheddar Cheese Puff Pastry Twists, 3.00.

Triple cream brie from Woolworths
Who doesn't love a creamy, gooey, rich brie? A must-have for any board. Source: Woolworths

Don’t forget the star of any cheese board: Thomas Dux Triple Cream Brie, $5.00. Ooh, we love a soft cheese.

Go traditional with the Woolworths Half Leg Christmas Ham (Bone-in),$8.50 per kilo, for your main dish. The ham is wood-smoked for that intense, delicious taste and locally made.

Half leg ham from Woolworths
The star of the show: this ham is only $8.50 per kilo! Source: Woolworths

For your sides, indulge Cranberry Sauce, $2.65, Woolworths Roast Mixed Vegetables Mediterranean style, $10.00, Woolworths Roast Mixed Vegetables with Garlic and Rosemary, $10.00 and a salad-y side of Kale Slaw, $5.00.

Mediterranean style roast vegetables from Woolworths
A delicious side: these Mediterranean style roast veggies will complement the ham perfectly. Source: Woolworths

Leave room for dessert! Finish the day with another iconic Aussie Chrissie treat: pavlovas. Personalise a mini one with Woolworths Meringue Nests, $5.50, topped with Strawberries, $3.50, Mango, $2.50 and Passionfruit, $1.50.

Meringue nests from Woolworths
Finish the meal with mini pavlovas made from these meringue nests. Source: Woolworths

Of course, if any aspect of this doesn't tickle your palette, simply replace that dish with another one of Woolie's affordable, delicious products.

They’ve even put it all in this handy grocery list to take with you to your next shop:

Woolworths Christmas Grocery List (feeds a family of 4)


Thomas Dux Truffle Salami


Thomas Dux Triple Cream Brie


Woolworths Macro Black Sesame Hommus


Woolworths Cracked Pepper Water Crackers


Woolworths Cheddar Cheese Puff Pastry Twists



Woolworths Half Leg Christmas Ham (Bone-in) $8.50kg


Cranberry Sauce


2x Woolworths Kale Slaw Kit


2x Woolworths Cook Roast Mixed Vegetables Mediterranean Style 350g


2x Woolworths Cook Roast Mixed Vegetables with Garlic & Rosemary 500g



Woolworths Meringue Nests

$ 5.50

1 x punnet of strawberries 250g

$ 2.50

2x mangoes

$ 5.00

Woolworths Passionfruit canned pump 170g

$ 1.50


$ 73.10

Woolies is committed to spreading Christmas joy.

Consider this as Woolworth's present to us this year (erm, their one is stuck in the post).

Paul Harker, Woolworths Chief Commercial Officer, said, “We know this year has been a challenging one for Australians...we have an extensive range of new Christmas products and festive staples this year, so customers who are trying to stick to a budget can still get everything they need to cook up a special Christmas spread.”

After all the Delta variants, lockdowns, earthquakes, floods and other dramas 2021 has thrown at us, we have to say we’re looking forward to a relaxing Christmas break.

Big W Christmas tree

Big W is also joining in on the holiday fun. The kicker: you can host your entire Christmas spread AND get your Christmas tree sorted, all for the insane price of $130.

185cm Colorado Christmas Tree, $29

Forget forking out for each individual bauble. With Big W, you can get the tree and decorate it entirely for just over fifty bucks.

The Colorado tree sits at nearly two metres high, rivalling the size of any real one you can get from the back of a truck.

Glitz it up with some Mirrabella Low Voltage LED String Lights, $14 and then have your kids go ham at decorating it with the Glitter-free 70 piece decoration pack, $10.The lack of glitter has the added bonus of not requiring vacuuming every day!

The collection even includes a star to top the tree with.

If you want to splurge on anything, Big W has a giant range of other trees and decorations to suit anyone's taste.

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