Aldi nappy redesign leaves parents furious: 'They won't even stay on'

Parents are also up in arms about the product no longer being manufactured in Australia

It's no secret that when tried-and-true kids' products undergo changes that alter their performance, parents are quick to get riled up. Aldi is currently grappling with this reality following recent adjustments to their nappy manufacturing, with the new version of their Mamia nappies sparking a wave of dissatisfaction among parents who have relied on them.

The conversation began on the popular Aldi Mums Facebook page, where a concerned parent shared a side-by-side comparison of the old Aldi nappies, much-loved for their performance, and the recently introduced "new and improved" version. The updated nappies feature a fresh design and notably appear larger than their predecessors.

Parents are up in arms about changes made to Aldi's Mamia nappy range. Photo: Facebook/Aldi Mums
Parents are up in arms about changes made to Aldi's Mamia nappy range, particularly noticing a significant size difference in the older version (left). Photo: Facebook/Aldi Mums

Complaining first and foremost about the quality of the new nappies, the unhappy shopper said she would be returning them.

"If I kept using them, my son would develop an allergy or irritation," she said, explaining the nappy lining started to pill after just a couple of hours of use.


The feedback from fellow parents wasn't exactly positive. Many readily agreed and shared their own disappointment regarding the recent changes. The prevailing sentiment among the community appeared to lean towards contemplating a switch to alternatives such as Huggies or Little Rascals nappies.

The post attracted a flood of comments as more parents shared their perspectives on the revamped nappies. Among them, one person lamented, "They were our go-to as well before they changed." Another suggested, "If enough people return them and sales drop, they will revert back. I know I won't be buying them."

The frustration extended to practical issues too, as one parent shared, "They won't even stay on my son. The front pulls away from the velcro and the whole nappy falls down."

"Big difference is the old one holds wee and the new ones do not," added someone else.

Shoppers observed that the nappy packaging no longer bears the label
Shoppers observed that the nappy packaging no longer bears the label "Made in Australia." Photo: Facebook/Aldi Mums

A Western Australian mother took it upon herself to investigate the matter further by visiting her local Aldi store. Following her visit, she shared her findings, revealing that the retailer had both versions of the nappies in every size, suggesting an ongoing transition in design.

"The most notable difference is that they are no longer proudly made in Australia, which is just another disappointing move," she said. Another mother joined the discussion, reflecting on recent price adjustments: "So the nappies have slowly gone from $9 to $11.49 and now not Aussie made!? I would think with more than a 25% increase they would still be Aussie made."

Summing up the sentiment, another mother simply stated, "End of an era!"

An Aldi representative confirmed that changes have indeed been introduced to the popular product.

"There have been some updates to the Mamia UltraDry nappy range, including the addition of double leak guards for maximum protection, a new 'Comfy Flex' soft and stretchy waistband, and a number of new design patterns," they said.

"Key features of the products that our customers know and love are certainly still maintained."

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