Bunnings $15 game-changing item sends TikTok wild: 'Best buy'

The product is being showered with praise on social media.

A simple $15 tap accessory is sending people in droves to Bunnings, thanks to a TikTok user who revealed a "game-changing" trick in her home sink.

The viral TikTok video shows the shopper heading to Bunnings and finding an EnduraSeal multi-function swivel aerator on the store's shelves.

Bunnings tap head adaptor
The shopper shared she bought the item from Bunnings after seeing it on TikTok. Photo: TikTok/@stamatina.mjp

Back home, she effortlessly screws the accessory onto her tap and gives a quick rundown of its capabilities. This simple addition transforms an ordinary tap into a swivel head, offering various flow options with a gentle twist. It also boasts a full 360-degree swivel function, making sink cleanup a breeze.


Social media users wasted no time in showering the product with praise, with many giving resounding reviews of using the item in their own home.

"I’m on my second one. First one lasted about 6 months but they are so good," said one person, with another sharing theirs had a longer lifespan, "2 years running...best buy."

Tap adaptor from Bunnings
The tap adapter simply screws on to your existing sink hardware and swivels 360 degrees. Photo: Bunnings

Even Bunnings itself joined the chorus of approval, labelling the accessory as a true "game-changer."

A visit to the hardware giant's website uncovers a series of glowing testimonials for the item. One satisfied customer offered high praise, stating, "This adaptor is a really great way to add functionality to your existing kitchen tap. It was super easy to install, it looks good and doesn't feel cheap."

Another enthusiastic endorsement followed, "This thing is great! Good water pressure and the water now reaches all the way around my sink. It also twists so you can choose stream or shower - shower mode is brilliant for washing fruit and veges!"

360 swivel function from Bunnings
The $15 sink accessory from Bunnings offers two flow variations, shower and stream. Photo: Bunnings

The wave of enthusiasm continued as many commenters expressed their intent to make a trip to buy the coveted item, "Looks like I’m going to Bunnings tomorrow then," one person wrote, a sentiment echoed by several others who were all set for their own Bunnings adventure, in the hopes they'll find the adaptor in stock.

"We tried to get one like a month ago but sold out," one commenter mentioned.

A note of caution is warranted, however. It's advised to double-check your tap's size before making a purchase, as a few vigilant commenters highlighted that the adaptor might not fit all tap sizes. Some even shared their experiences of the accessory breaking off their taps or requiring plumbers tape for a secure seal.

On a positive note, those who encountered problems with leaks shared that Bunnings readily offered refunds for the item.

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