'Embarrassing' tiny engagement ring slammed by bride-to-be

It’s an age-old debate - how much does the engagement ring really matter when the love of your life asks you the marry them?

Well, while some people are very adamant they want a ring of their choosing, others believe the ring itself isn’t actually that important.

But one bride-to-be has shared her disappointment online, admitting she’s been left fuming over the ‘tiny’ ring she received from her partner of eight years.

Yep, EIGHT years.

She explained the couple had been talking about getting married for almost three of those years but this was the ring “he saved up to buy me”.

Sharing a photo of the thin gold band, set with a very small diamond, she asked whether she was being “shady or materialistic” by telling him she didn’t want this “tiny ass ring”.

Woman furious over tiny engagement ring rant
A woman was not happy with the engagement ring she received. Photo: Reddit

The post and photo were then shared on Reddit, along with the question: “is this lady justified in that she doesn’t want the ring? Would you accept it?”

It caused some debate but most people thought the woman was justified in her reaction to the piece of jewellery.

Some called it the “saddest ring” they had ever seen, with many arguing there was no way her partner “saved up” for it.

“I'd just exchange it for a ring I like. Preferably a cheaper stone that you can see with the naked eye,” one person quipped.

“There's no way somebody would buy this as an engagement ring,” another wrote.

“I’m not materialistic when it comes to things like this, but if my man proposed with THAT I would be full on insulted,” a third person agreed.

While a fourth added there was nothing wrong with going for a cheaper option, but in this case it was not acceptable.

“Sometimes you have to go for cheaper materials like topaz and maisonette and silver (I did), and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, but this?” she wrote. “I think I've had taco bell more valuable than this ring. And after 8 years? Nah, she's justified. It's a SYMBOL, and this symbolises that he put little to no thought or money or time into this.”

A few however came to her boyfriend’s defence and thought she was being too harsh.

“I’d much rather have just a plain band than the diamond chip,” one person argued. “Because what I care about is him wanting to spend his life with me, not a diamond.”

“I kinda like her ring. It's very modern and sleek looking. I'd wear that in a heartbeat,” another added.

The minimalist style ring has become increasingly popular in recent years, albeit not necessarily for engagement rings.

A style very similar to this one is available on Etsy for just $20.

minimalist ring on etsy for $20
A similar ring online is being sold for $20. Photo: Etsy

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