Kmart thrifty Christmas tree hack praised: 'Looks amazing'

Christmas tree decorating is almost a competitive sport (especially among Kmart mums) and while there are some basics that should be included such as baubles, lights, and piles of beautifully wrapped presents around the base, there is a lot left to creative interpretation.

Each year there are different Christmas tree decoration trends that seem to be popular. So sometimes it can be hard to keep up and justify the expense (or effect on the environment) of updating the decorations.

kmart shopper christmas tree hack
Michaela shares her hack for getting a tree full of glittery leaves and a budget price. Photo:

One of the trends this year is large silver or gold glitter leaves placed amongst the tree's branches as decoration. They're also used to fill gaps in the tree to make it looker fuller and lush. And when Vogue Australia is telling you that oversized ornaments,"with an extra dose of sparkle" is on trend, we listen!

But to get an overall luxurious effect can be expensive, so one Aussie mum has come up with the perfect hack to have a champagne lifestyle tree on a beer budget.


"Just a little Kmart hack, if you were wanting to add some silver or gold glitter leaf tree picks to your tree," Michaela wrote in a popular Kmart Decor Facebook group.

"Instead of getting the two-pack of picks for $5 you can buy the 1.8m silver leaf Garland for $10 and pull the picks off it to cover your whole tree.

"I covered my whole tree with two garlands pulled apart for only $20 and it looks amazing!"

Kmart 1.8m silver leaf Garland
The 1.8m leaf Garland comes in gold and silver for only $10. Photo: Kmart

And followers of the page were very grateful for the hint that could save them a fair amount of cash, especially on a large tree.

"Love this idea! Thanks for sharing," one said.

"Looks beautiful, very elegant," another added.

"That’s a great hack thank you!" a third wrote.

Poinsettia Christmas tree trend

Another big trend has been oversized poinsettia flowers used to fill in gaps and embrace the big and bold trend. Poinsettias are the traditional flower of Christmas dating back to the 16 century in Mexico where they are placed in front of the alter in churches as a gift on Jesus's birthday.

Whether they are iridescent, gold, silver, pastel or their natural red, Aussies have chosen to feature them loudly and proudly on their trees this year.

Five beautifully decorated Christmas trees using poinsettia decorations by shared by mums on Facebook
Facebook mums show off their Christmas trees using poinsettia decorations to great effect. Photo: Facebook

And they are in great company as both Disney World and the White House use poinsettia in their festive decor.

Disney has surrounded its carousel in hundreds of poinsettia plants creating a sea of red, while Jill Biden has chosen to set a tabletop in the Red Room with a simple white poinsettia to make a statement.

But will these trends make it to next year as well? Only time will tell.

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