TikTok blows up over surprising reason for Kmart item's 5-star reviews

Sometimes it's the simple things that make us happy and with coffee being a priority in the morning, when we see something related to our morning joe getting rave reviews, we pay attention!

But there was more to this product than met the eye.

Kmart logo
A Kmart item is going viral for a surprising reason. Photo: AAP

When one TikTok user noticed that a Kmart coffee grinder had an average of 5 stars across 270 reviews she posted about it and now her video has blown up.

With just over 100 followers, @Skon411 probably didn't expect over 187,000 views! But it's for a very Aussie reason that TikTok fans are sharing the video.

The reviews on Kmart's site seem to have a lot in common, talking about how quiet it is and that it does the job all for a bargain price of just $14.

Kmart Coffee Grinder
This Coffee Grinder has a 5-star rating with over 270 reviews! Photo: Kmart

However, Skon and those who commented on her TikTok video have noticed something a little different about the Kmart online reviews.

Many pointed out that people don't just use it for coffee. It is very popular as a herb and spice chopper as well.

"I use this for something other than what is recommended, works really well," Daniel S wrote on the Kmart site.

"Best herb grinder you can buy for that money," Nathaniel said.

Kmart coffee grinder
The product has stellar reviews online. Photo: TikTok/skon411

Most of the TikTok viewers wanted to add that it is actually very good for its real purpose too.

"I have one, for actual coffee beans. It's great," Mady says.

"I think I'm the only person who uses the Kmart coffee grinder for coffee," Tamara adds.

But most people making comments on the TikTok video were simply revelling in the hilarity of it all. "Bro, this is gold," one wrote. "Hahaha that's brilliant," another added.

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