Woman's genius supermarket berries hack stuns: 'Game-changer'

A woman has left TikTokers shocked over her husband's trick for buying the freshest berries every time.

There’s no denying buying fresh berries at the supermarket has become a bit of a luxury these days, as prices soar across the country for some of our most loved foods.

So the last thing you need when you bring them home is for them to turn mouldy within days of being purchased.

However, one TikToker, who goes by the name naptown_thrifts on the social media site, has shared her husband’s genius way of making sure he gets the freshest batch of berries every time he goes to the shops.

Strawberries at Woolies
A woman has shared her husband's genius berries hack. Photo: TikTok/naptown_thrifts

“Am I the last to know about this or what”, she said in the video.

“Whenever my husband buys berries, they last so much longer and taste so much better than the ones that I buy.”

The woman went on to demonstrate exactly how her husband does it, saying: “I’ve finally found out his secret is that he flips them over and buys whichever ones don’t stick to the bottom of the carton.”


While many people thought it was the best hack on the internet, with one person calling it a ‘game-changer’, others said they have their own methods.

“Rinse your berries in a vinegar solution and let them fully dry. It’s an antifungal and will help them keep longer,” a commenter said.

“I do that and also smell them. I get crazy looks but if they don’t smell then they don’t taste either,” another said.

Berry hack to keep them fresh
She shared that her husband flips the cartons upside down. Photo: TikTok/naptown_thrifts
Others shared that they also give them a vinegar bath when they get home. Photo: TikTok/naptown_thrifts

“I do this. I look for witness or mould on the bottom,” a person wrote.

Others swore by mason jars as the hero in keeping berries fresh.

“Put them in mason jars. They’ll last forever,” one person said.

“I soak mine in a salt bath and then pat them dry and put them in mason jars,” another wrote.

According to Bon Appetit magazine, the best way to keep berries fresh at home is to “give them a quick vinegar bath”. They recommend a solution of three cups of water to two tablespoons of white vinegar.

Of course, you’ll then need to thoroughly rinse the berries so they don’t taste like vinegar afterwards.

They also recommend letting berries breathe by storing them in a wide container lined with a paper towel, so you’re not overcrowding them.

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