Woman's controversial cooking method disgusts: 'Makes me sick'

A woman has disgusted people online after she shared her controversial method to cook and serve spaghetti.

Posting a video on Facebook, the woman stands at a double sink with the right one full of salad. She is then seen removing a drying rack with dishes from the lefthand sink before emptying a large pot of boiled pasta into it.

The woman then scatters pasta sauce into the sink before adding some diced canned tomatoes, tomato paste, cheddar and cheese sauce.

In the clip, the woman is then seen adding pieces of salami and cubed and sliced cheese before mixing it all together.

Getting ready to serve the meal, the woman puts a stack of plates and cutlery on the kitchen bench alongside some sliced bread before guests serve the spaghetti and salad straight out of the sink and onto the plate.

The woman shocked people online with her unconventional way of making spaghetti. Source: Facebook
The woman shocked people online with her unconventional way of making spaghetti. Source: Facebook

"Best way to make spaghetti," the woman captured the video.

People however did not agree and flooded the comments to express their shock over the unconventional method.

"Even if I bleached my sink I would never serve food from it!! Unreal," one wrote.

"If I went to someone's house and dinner was served from the sink... I would starve and buy them bowls as a gift.. cause yup grossed me right out watching this," another commented.

"Don't make macaroni, or anything for that matter, in your filthy sink." a third added.

"I don’t care how much you scour that sink, it’s full of germs! The drain would be so impacted by bacteria!" somebody else claimed while another said, "It makes me sick to my stomach".


It's not the first time the woman has used the sink to help her make her meals.

A video shared to Facebook in November showed the woman making macaroni and cheese by emptying a pot of boiled pasta into the sink.

She then adds milk, butter, cheddar cheese soup, cheese sauce, cheddar, mozzarella, salt and other seasonings and flattens it out with a spoon before mixing it all together and moving it from the sink to a baking tray to put in the oven to cook.

People were just as shocked by the mac and cheese hack, with the video attracting a million comments.

"There is absolutely no reason to mix all that in the sink. I don’t care if it was sanitised. It’s disgusting to me," one comment read.

"I don’t know what’s more disturbing…the actual recipe or the prep," another shared.

However, the woman commented on the video assuring everybody she had sanitised her sink before preparing the meal.

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