TikToker's '1950s housewife' act sparks fierce debate: 'Not his mother'

An Aussie woman has hit back at TikTok trolls for labelling her a '1950s housewife' after she shared that she cooks her husband three meals a day.

Sonali Arora, who goes by @sonali.arora_xx on the app, lives in Melbourne with her husband and began learning how to make a wide variety of meals during the city's countless lockdowns.

The TikToker enjoys making her husband's meals every day and has been sharing it to the app, but some people seem to be 'triggered' by Sonali's choice to cook for her husband, despite the fact she says she loves doing it.

TikTok user Sonali Arora
A woman who shared on TikTok that she makes her husband three meals a day has sparked a fierce debate in the comments. Photo: Sonali Arora

In one video that she shared in June that has since received over 732,000 views, where she shows herself making her husband's lunch, one man writes, "Or he can just make his own lunch?"

"Is he two?" one woman questioned, while another user added, "This is satire right?"

"I don’t think I have ever packed a lunch for my husband, [I'm] not his mother," someone else wrote.

Others defended her, with one user writing, "Why are so many people triggered that she made someone she loves lunch."


"This is sooo sweet I love packing lunch for my man so he can save money and enjoy a good meal. Don’t know why people are so salty," another said.

"I don’t get why everyone gets so pressed over people who make their partners lunch… Whatever makes you happy and fulfilled in your relationship," a third added.

"I love that you make him lunch. This is how you show him love. It’s not for everyone!" someone else wrote, defending her.

Some questioned how Sonali has time to do so much cooking, but she shared she works from home and is able to do it every day.

In another video, she shared, "After becoming a wife, I’ve realised cooking is my love language."

Speaking with 7Life, Sonali hit back at the trolls, saying, "I have been told I am destroying feminism, I am behaving like a 1950s housewife, people asking if my husband is a baby, or thinking he’s some misogynist which is completely untrue and far from the truth."

"People don’t see that we split all house chores and our relationship is very 50-50."

She shared that she decided to start making his lunch as a way to save money, but found out she loved it so much so kept it up.

Sonali adds that his job is "very stressful" so she loves that she can do something to brighten up his day.

"I do feel upset and I tend to delete lots of comments and block trolls. But when videos go viral it’s hard to control or navigate because the notification feed is constantly flooded."

While some people might not like her videos, countless others ask her to show her how to make the dishes she creates for her husband.

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