Neighbour calls police over woman's 'inappropriate' outfit

A woman has revealed her neighbour called the police over the "inappropriate" outfit she was wearing on their street in the US.

Rovi Wade shared the confrontation on TikTok, explaining she had been filming a video outside for the popular social media site, wearing ripped denim booty shorts, a crop top, a spiked choker, and black knee-high boots.

rovi wade police called over outfit tiktok video
A woman in the US had the police called over this outfit. Photo: TikTok/rovi_wade

She was then approached by her “Karen” neighbour, who threatened to call the police over her look, as there were children who lived on the street.

Admitting she didn't "believe the threat", Rovi was shocked when a police officer did show up, sharing her conversation with the officer.

“I am fully dressed, she just doesn’t like my style,” she can he heard telling the officer.


“And I told her, ‘My body offends you. That’s what the issue is.’

“And I’m allowed to exist and be hot, and I’m going to continue to do so.

“I don’t know what she expects you to do.”

The police officer can be heard saying, “I understand.”

rovi wade police officer over outfit
Rovi shared the moment she was confronted by a police officer. Photo: TikTok/rovi_wade

The video has since been viewed over 12M times, sparking plenty of outrage in the comments.

“What she expect the cops to do? ‘Dress code’ you? This isn’t school,” one person commented.

While another agreed: “We need to normalise letting people wear whatever they want."

She also received praise for her perfect response about why she is allowed to wear what she wants.

"Perfect, OMFG, that is the best response you could have given," one person wrote.

"My next insta caption!" another praised.

In subsequent videos she revealed the full outfit she was wearing, and also shared the final TikTok dance she was filming in the first place.

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