Influencer shares awkward moment 'Karen' calls out G-string bikini

An Aussie influencer has shared the moment she was approached by a woman at the beach about her G-string style bikini bottoms.

Vegan fitness influencer and Adelaide woman Natasha Maree shared a video on TikTok of the awkward moment, captioning the clip: “Karen doesn't want me in a bikini”.

Photo: TikTok/Natasha Maree
Vegan fitness influencer Natasha Maree was approached by a woman at the beach. Photo: TikTok/Natasha Maree
Natasha Maree in a bikini
She captioned the clip: “Karen doesn't want me in a bikini”.Photo: TikTok/Natasha Maree

Natasha can be seen showering after a visit to the beach before the unidentified woman approaches the showers and appears to wash her feet. The exchange was captured on camera by her boyfriend.

As the woman walks away he can be heard asking: “You think the G-string’s not good? Not a fan.”

To which the woman replied: “It’s great, but there are a lot of kids here and a lot of families here.”


What - if anything - was actually said between the two women is unclear, however, at the end of the clip Natasha approaches the camera saying, “triggered”.

g-string bikini karen
The woman wasn't a fan of the g-string bikini. Photo: TikTok

The clip has sparked a heated debate on the social media platform, with some agreeing the bathers were 'inappropriate' and 'weird' at a family beach setting.

“To be honest I don't want my kids seeing chicks a*** out everywhere, far too little clothing for a family beach just my opinion,” was one comment.

Vegan fitness influencer Natasha Maree tik tok
Natasha Maree has nearly 120,000 followers on TikTok. Photo: TikTok/Natasha Maree

Others however were more supportive of Natasha, and her decision to wear what she wants.

“She's just jealous. If you got if flaunt it,” one fan wrote.

While another said: “Those are standard bikinis and this generation of kids needs to learn a natural human body isn't something to hide from.”

Bikini’s cause a stir

It comes a few months after a Sydney woman was left shocked after being told by a security guard at her own apartment complex that her bikini was unacceptable attire to wear by the pool.

"It's accepted at any major beach in Australia, so why wouldn't it be accepted here in Zetland in the middle of Sydney," Kristy Miller said on A Current Affair back in October.

She was shocked after being told her swimwear was "too cheeky" and that she should've been wearing a "full brief".

Earlier in 2020, a group of New Zealand mums also sparked a furious debate online after claiming they were fed up with seeing tiny g-string bikinis litter local swimming spots.

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