Girlfriend's 'awful' demand of boyfriend blasted online

A 17-year-old boy has shared the "awful" demand his girlfriend made of him, with social media users slamming the girl and telling him to dump her.

Taking to Reddit's Am I The A**hole subreddit, the writer asked if he was in the wrong for a fight he was involved in.

A teenager has been blasted on social media after making an
A teenager has been blasted on social media after making an "awful" demand of her boyfriend, with users demanding he dump her. Photo: Getty

The teen explained that the parents of his girlfriend of seven years want to meet his parents at some point and while he is fine with it, his girlfriend has requested the boy only invite one of his mums because her parents might not be accepting of the couple.

"So her parents want to meet mine when it’s safe to do that and have dinner at their house. I’m cool with that and my moms are too," he wrote. "But girlfriend told me that her parents don’t know I have two moms and she [doesn't] want them to because they’re not raging homophobes but they don’t like that. She just says it will make them feel weird and uncomfortable and asked if only one of my moms could go."


The writer added, "[I don't know] I just don’t see why I gotta lie. If we stayed together obviously they will find out and also that would be mean to ask my moms if one of them not go. I never been embarrassed about it or weird so don’t see why it even matters.

"My girlfriend has been pissed at me ever since and she just tells me to do it so it’s not uncomfortable for her parents. Even my friends [are] saying it’s not a big deal and it’s not like I’ll get grounded for asking my moms to do this.

"I’m caught in the middle here cause I don’t wanna lie about my moms or exclude one them but everyone is acting like I’m being the a** for not doing this thing."

Reddit users were firmly on the writer's side, with one person writing, "NTA [Not The A**hole] and I think you should consider whether this girl really values you if she wants you to hide your family.

The teen wrote that he didn't want his mums to feel as though he was embarrassed by them by only inviting one of them to come along to meet his girlfriend's parents. Photo: Getty
The teen wrote that he didn't want his mums to feel as though he was embarrassed by them by only inviting one of them to come along to meet his girlfriend's parents. Photo: Getty

"She's concerned about how her parents would feel, but she doesn't seem to mind hurting yours. Your parents may not ground you for asking, but they are likely to be hurt. It doesn't sound like that's something you want."

Another added, "What does she expect to then happen at the dinner when the girl's parents ask the one mom in attendance about her spouse? Is she then supposed to keep up this lie-by-omission, is she not allowed to say she has a wife? What does the girlfriend think will happen, really? She says her parents would be uncomfortable, [but] clearly so is she."

Someone else said, "OP, as a gay woman who looks very gay, this breed of homophobia personally hurts me just as much as the ‘raging’ kind. Trust me, I’ve experienced both and I know a lot of queer people feel the same.

"You’re NTA. You should also have a chat with your gf about this//consider if you want this person in your life."

The poster then added an update, explaining he and his girlfriend broke up after he read the comments on his previous post.

"I listened to [your] comments and decided to ask how would she feel if I told her only one of her parents could go cause my moms are uncomfortable around heterosexual couples," he wrote.

"She basically laughed and said it’s not the same thing because that’s a 'normal couple'. That kinda got me and I asked what’s not normal about my moms. Think that’s when she saw she f***ed up with what she said. She said she didn’t mean it like that and just knows it would be awkward and weird because her parents don’t like that."

After talking further, the girl still didn't understand how the situation would hurt his parents. She later added it would be embarrassing for her that her parents would know he has two mums.

"And yeah I wasn’t gonna take that and told her we’re done. Not gonna be w someone who’s embarrassed about my moms or doesn’t want others to know. That was it," he said.

"I know I said in my comments I was thinking about asking my moms for advice but since we’re broke up I’m not gonna tell them why. I only told my moms it wasn’t working out with her so we’re done.

"They don't need to why cause I don’t want them to feel is their fault and they really liked my girlfriend. This would hurt their feelings knowing she was feeling that way.

"It's not my first break up but it still really sucks and I’m feeling sad. It is what it is though. Thanks for everyone’s help and for telling me [your] own experiences."

Reddit users applauded the teen's choice with one user writing, "As a parent, if my kid came to me and told me this, I would first feel hurt but I'd quickly get over that and feel so damn proud that my kid stood up for himself, his beliefs, and his parents. So just know this reddit-mom is very proud of you."

"This lesbian mom is [very] proud of him too!" another wrote. "It somehow makes me feel loved and validated even though I have nothing to do with OP. But I am a lesbian mom of a teenager & OP, just know that you've made us all proud, so very proud. Great job, your moms have done a very good job raising you for you to be so thoughtful and protective of them, and to stand so proud next to them. Truly warms my heart."

"This made me tear up. the internet is very proud of you. You're awesome OP," someone else added.

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