How this woman nabbed a cheater using his own wife on Tinder

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Everyone knows online dating tends to be a roll of the dice, with online profiles easy places to fabricate everything from your age to your looks to your relationship status.

Well, one woman duped one too many times has had the last laugh after her background check on a potential date turned up some damning evidence that she decided to present to him in the most epic way imaginable.

TikTok user cheating tinder date photo of wife
TikTok user Nadiyah got the ultimate revenge on a lying Tinder date with a hilarious text message. Photo: TikTok/spunky_brewstah

In a video posted on TikTok the woman in question, user Nadiyah who goes by spunky_brewstah on the video platform, shared a series of screenshots of her interactions with a man named Eric on a dating app.

Despite Eric informing her he was after 'a serious one lady kind of man thing going' and that he was single in their initial texts a quick background check by the savvy dater proved him to be lying through his teeth.


On his Facebook page, a post revealed that he was in fact married, and had six kids, a far cry from the unattached lifestyle he had promised.

Nadiyah TikTok Facebook post revealing 'single' date actually married with six kids
Damning information surfaced once Nadiyah did a quick dig online. Photo: TikTok/spunky_brewstah

Rather than simply end the interaction, Nadiyah wrote she decided to 'spice it up'.

In follow up messages she asked Eric if she could bring a friend on their date, insinuating she was up for something sexually adventurous.

When she shared a snap of the 'friend' however it was none other than his wife, in a picture she had found on the Facebook page.

The 'gotcha' moment stopped the cheater in his tracks, and all he could manage to respond was 'you smooth'.

Image of texts and photo of wife in tiktok cheater revenge text messages
The 'friend' turned out to be his wife, in a photo she sent to the two-timing hubby. Photo: TikTok/spunky_brewstah

Rather than any apology he eventually wrote that he was going through some things and had simply been unable to tell her yet.

The insane story prompted hundreds of responses with the two videos detailing the scenario racking up tens of thousands of views.

"Damn... I applaud your creativity," one admirer wrote.

"This is golden," another wrote.

"Not 6 kids," one gobsmacked individual wrote.

It's not the first time a cheating partner has been outed on TikTok.

Earlier this week users were left shocked when a woman who discovered her boyfriend had been cheating decided to enact the ultimate revenge, and superglue his unfaithful messages with other women to his bedroom wall.

The unbelievable video went viral with people similarly impressed with the woman's brutal response to the betrayal.

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