Woman horrifies with bizarre steak cooking method: 'Barbaric!'

A woman's cooking videos on TikTok have horrified viewers after she shared a video of herself cooking steak in a toaster.

Juliette, who goes by the username @itsmeju1iette on the social media account, shared a video, which she captioned: "Cooking steak for my boyfriend."

A woman cooks steak in a toaster on TikTok
A TikTok user left her viewers shocked after sharing the unconventional way she cooks her steak. Photo: TikTok/@itsmeju1iette

She wrote "How to cook steak," across the video which shows her putting two pieces of steak into the toaster, then slathering it in sauce and eating it.

Shocked viewers flooded the comments on the video, which has since been viewed over 10 million times.


Many users mentioned Gordon Ramsay, who would no doubt be horrified if he saw the video.

"I'm not even Gordon Ramsay and I'm mad," one user wrote.

"All fun and games 'til Gordon Ramsay duets," another said.

A woman shows how to cook and eat a steak on TikTok
Juliette showed herself covering the steak in sauce, shocking her viewers. Photo: TikTok/@itsmeju1iette

"Gordon Ramsay isn't gonna be happy about this one," a shocked viewer wrote.

Another user questioned: "How do you clean the toaster?" while many others were upset to see she hadn't seasoned her meat properly.

"This is so barbaric it's not even funny," one angry user wrote.

"Straight to jail!" another said. "I'm physically upset," added someone else.

"How to not cook steak," one user wrote.

In another video that's been viewed almost 25 million times, Juliette boils ice in a saucepan so it becomes water.

"My grandma's secret recipe! [Please] don’t share with anyone," she captioned the video.

She then pours the water over ice to serve.

One viewer joked: "I prefer my water medium rare," while another added, "OMG I've tried this recipe! I like to add about a teaspoon of water to it, gives it a real kick."

Someone else added: "I prefer my water grilled."

"Thank you, I couldn't find a recipe anywhere," another user sarcastically wrote.

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