Viral TikTok video causes dishwasher tablet confusion

Kristine Tarbert
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A viral TikTok video has left some people wondering if they have been using their dishwasher wrong this whole time.

Scott Jeffrey shared the clip on the popular video sharing site that has since clocked up over 3.6M views, and now we’re second guessing where to actually put the dishwasher tablet.

tik tok dishwasher tablet hack mistake
TikTok dishwasher hack causes confusion. Photo: TikTok

“Who knew?” he asked on the video, showing off the hack he had discovered.

“I’ve been doing it wrong forever.”


The video quickly went viral with over 1.3K people leaving comments sharing either their surprise, or complete confusion.

“Me running to my dishwasher to take a look,” one person commented.

Another quipped: “You just made 300,000 people go and check.”

“What! All my life I’ve been living a lie,” another shocked person responded.

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Others, however, disagreed and said he had actually now placed the tablet in the ‘pre wash’ section.

“That’s totally wrong. You had it right the first time,” one person commented.

And some thought in truth it really didn’t matter where it went.

“It literally pops open when it starts,” was one reply.

“That opens when you turn the machine on so it literally doesn’t matter,” anther agreed.

Enter an expert in appliances to tell us what he thinks of the importance of the placement of the dishwashing tablet.

Brad Reed, Senior Marketing Manager for Home Appliances LG Australia, said most of the brand’s latest models only have the one location to put the tablet.

“There may be cases where a dishwashing tablet is larger and therefore does not fit into the door cavity, and my understanding is that you can just drop them onto the bottom of the dishwasher, and the water will dissolve the detergent and deliver the same cleaning job,” Brad tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

“However, we always recommend that you put the tablet it in the cavity in the door, as this is a more effective way of dissolving detergent at the right rate.”

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