Woman's ‘game-changing’ Dyson cleaning hack: 'Genius'

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A woman has shared her ingenious vacuum cleaning hack using her Dyson stick vacuum teamed with Fluffy dryer sheets and the internet has gone crazy for it.

Sharing her clever creation on the Facebook page, Mums Who Clean, her handy hack has had more than 700 likes and over 200 comments.

Dirty Dyson
The woman’s vacuuming hack has been labelled ‘ingenious. Photo: Facebook

Her post said that inserting a Fluffy dryer sheet around the barrel of her Dyson vacuum left her home smelling nice while she cleaned.

“Not sure if anyone has done it but I love putting the fluffy drying sheets in my Dyson vac barrel,” she said.

“Let’s out a lovely smell while I’m vacuuming.”


The popular dryer sheets, which are available online and at Woolworths, are usually used to give clothes a nine smell while drying.

Her hack was met with praise from mums who couldn’t wait to try the hack saying said their vacuums often smelled after cleaning.

Dyson with a dryer sheet to catch dirt
She inserted a dryer sheet into the barrel of the Dyson. Photo: Facebook

“So you just pop it in the barrel? This is genius!” One impressed woman said.

“This is so clever as my Dyson always smells of our fur babies!” Said another.

“I shall try this thankyou!! My vacc smells like dirt when I use it no matter how clean the filter is!” commented a third.

Others warn to clean with caution

While many praised her ‘game-changing idea, others warned that doing this might not be such a great idea for the motor in your vacuum cleaner.

“I think this is cool but you want to be careful it doesn't put a film of fabric softener on the barrel or the filter. You don't want it to cause the motor to crash or cause a fire,” one person cautioned.

“I would be worried about the motor overheating doing this as it would block the airflow. This would void your warranty,” another said.

However, the original poster added that she doesn’t vacuum large areas and only does so for 10 minutes at a time throughout the day.

Fluffy Dryer sheets
The dryer sheets are available in Woolworths. Photo: Facebook

“I have a small townhouse so it’s never running any more than 10 minutes at any one time I vacuum multiple times a day as I have a dog and a cat,” she said.

“After each empty, I spray and wipe it out and I clean my filters regularly”

Chemical-free hack alternative

Others joined in the conversation saying they had a similar hack, however, this one included using essential oils rather than the fragrance chemicals in dryer sheets.

“I put some eucalyptus oil on a cotton round & put it in the barrel (much smaller) & have never had a concern about blocking airflow as someone mentioned with the dryer sheet,” one woman suggested. “Give it a go! Then I just dump out with all the dust!”

Others suggested spraying bag vacuums with air fresheners and placing essential oils on the filter. However, they were once again cautioned that using these hacks could void your vacuum warranty.

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