Woman divides internet with 'hilarious' parenting hack

The mum has been praised by some as "creative" and slammed by others as "lazy".

Sometimes, you've just got to do what you've got to do to get things done - especially as a parent. For one mum, this meant giving her kids a serious ultimatum to get them to listen to her.

Her trick for getting her teenagers to help around the house has since struck a chord with fellow parents across the world.

Taping a note to her fridge, she left the kids a message which read, "Today’s WiFi password can be unlocked by texting a photo of a clean kitchen to mom."

Not one to be outsmarted by her kids, she added that they must include a specific detail. "Said photograph MUST contain one box of crackers on the counter by the stove (to prevent re-using any previous photos)," the note continues.

"Thank you for playing. May the odds be in your favour. Love, Mom."

Printed out paper telling children they can get the WiFi password once they clean the kitchen.
The mum's parenting hack sparked furious debate.

'I love this!'

The woman's hack impressed thousands of other parents with her note fetching over 670,000 likes and 35,000 comments.

"High-five to this!!!! Totally putting this in my back pocket," One parent wrote.

"Love it. This was my parenting technique. My grown children all have appreciated this," added another.

Another person wrote in agreement, "Love that mum... gotta hit 'em where it hurts!"

Some were already onto the technique, saying they've been doing the same thing for years with their kids and it really works.


"I used to change the Wi-Fi password when my teenager "forgot" to listen to me. And it worked like a magic trick, her ears would be really good at listening for a good while after that," one mum commented.

"I do this with my boys! I change the WiFi password because even our TVs must have internet to watch cable... until I get a video of a CLEAN HOUSE they get no internet!" another said.

Hundreds of others agreed that it was the best way of getting their children to actually listen to them.

'It won't work'

However, many people saw some big flaws in the woman's plan, including the fact that many families have unlimited data, mobile hotspots and that they could easily reset the router using a paperclip.

Many said the joke was on the mum for underestimating her children, who are probably smarter than she gives them credit for.

"Lol, my kids would grab a screenshot of a clean kitchen and photoshop a box of crackers in it. Then they would tell me how they TECHNICALLY fulfilled the requirements," one person responded.

Mother and teenage children in messy room
Although many said they would try her hack, plenty of others said their kids were too smart for it to actually work. Photo: Getty

For many, it was the inconvenience and "hassle" of having to reset the WiFi password on all of their devices all over again every time the trick was used.

"It takes too much work to change the password every day. I changed it once and had to reset everything in my house. That was too much effort," offered one detractor.

And while there were thousands of people who loved the woman's "creative parenting", others weren't so impressed, accusing the mum of being lazy.

"That's some lazy controlling parenting. Unless you allow your kids to do the cooking, get in there and set a good example and clean up the mess you made," one person commented.

"I find it so sad that parents resort to tactics like this in order to get their kids to do what the kids should do because... well, because, chores are part of being a family!" another said.

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