Woman discovers boyfriend's 'double life' after Google search: 'All a lie'

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A heartbroken woman has shared the shocking discovery she made after randomly deciding to do a Google search of her boyfriend's name, claiming he was living a double life and had a child with another woman.

Pris shared the tale in a clip on her TikTok account @priscilluhhbaby, writing: "Randomly Googling my boyfriend's name on a Friday night... Finds his baby registry from January this year. Finds out said baby is six months old."

TikTok cheating story Pris
Pris shared the tale in a clip on her TikTok account that has gone viral. Photo: TikTok

The clip blew up and has been viewed over 1.1m times in the last few days, with Pris posting follow up videos to share more of the story.

She explained the pair had returned from a holiday and she didn't hear from him for a few days, before she randomly decided to Google him, adding that he didn't have any social media accounts any more.

"So I google him and at first, it was like, regular stuff. Like, old football things and whatever," she says in another video.

"And then I come across a baby registry that was registered at a Target that is a couple of towns over."


Apparently her boyfriend has a very unique name so she didn't think it could be a coincidence that someone else lived so close with the same name.

With the help of her cousin, the US woman did some snooping and was eventually able to find Instagram and Facebook accounts belonging to the mother of her boyfriend's child - with photos apparently proving they were still together as a family.

TikTok cheating story after google search
She shared some more updates in follow up clips. Photo: TikTok

Pris said she and her cousin tried to confront her boyfriend by sending him the photos she had found but he blocked them. 

But she did receive a FB message from the other woman and they decided to meet and discuss what had happened to each of them.

"We both started hanging out with him and dating him at the exact same time," Pris explained. "And she ended up getting pregnant a few months later. And so he continued to pursue things with her and pursue things with me."

"He lied so much that it makes me sick," she concluded.

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