Woman claims she busted best friend cheating with her husband

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A woman has claimed to share the moment she busted her best friend cheating with her husband, after she had given her a place to stay.

Sharing the shocking discovery on her TikTok account, the woman Shauna first shared a video of her friend on her sofa, folding clothes.

tiktok cheating story
Shauna said she let her friend stay with them. Photo: TikTok

"When you give your friend a place to stay and she sleeps with your man while you're at work and they don’t know you know [because] you hid a camera," she said in the clip.

She then told her 313.4k followers that she would confront both of them at the same time, when her partner returned home later that day.

That confrontation, which Shauna filmed, resulted in a physical altercation and has since had over 13M views on TikTok.


"So I put the camera in the house because my gut just wasn’t sitting right. It wasn’t even about him or her, that never even crossed my mind. I didn’t think that they were doing anything," she explained further.

"I thought that he was sneaking somebody in, like that he had previously cheated on me with, that’s why I put the camera in the house."

TikTok cheating fight goes viral
She then shared the moment she confronted her friend. Photo: TikTok

Of the confrontation, Shauna said: "It definitely went down … and [of] course they lied, said it didn’t happen. I didn’t get a chance to show them the video because we ended up fighting. They’re currently out of the house, gone."

The video saw Shauna asking: "So I got a question for you, did you sleep with my man while I was at work?"

Her friend can be seen twirling the drawstring of her track pants when she replies: "Why would I sleep with your man?"

Said man then enters the room, which results in some shouting between the pair before the situation escalated.

One person in the comments joked she should make her friend "finish the laundry first", but others said she should have never let her friend stay in the house with her partner.

"NEVER bring a third party into your home … no matter how much ‘trust’ you got in them," was one response.

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