Woman's fury after being asked to leave gym over her sports bra

Sarah Carty
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A woman has taken to her social media account to call out her gym’s ‘double standards and sexism’ after being asked to cover up because her sports bra was showing ‘three inches of her waist’.

Julia Maren, from Tennessee in the US, was working out at her gym when she was approached and told without any explanation that she would have to leave if she didn’t put a shirt on.

Woman wearing a black sports bra in a gym
Julia Maren was asked to leave the gym or cover up when she wore this sports bra. Photo: Instagram/letterstoadel

Now, Julia has taken aim at the gym, slamming the double standards of a man being able to don a singlet which ‘shows his whole nipple?’.

“My workout was interrupted and I was told to take out my headphones for someone to tell me they could “get me a shirt if I need one” and that if I wanted to continue my workout I had to put one on.... WHAT?,” Julia wrote on her Instagram page, alongside a photo of her wearing the black sports bra.

“So you’re telling me that because three inches of my waist is exposed that I’m not welcome in the gym but meanwhile f*****g Chad is over there with a cutout that shows his whole nipple?

Woman showing off her six-pack in the gym
Julia couldn't believe the double standards in men being allowed to wear singlets with their 'nipple' out. Photo: Instagram/letterstoadel

“Got it. Thank you for taking time out of your day to let me know that double standards and sexism still exists.”

Julia went on, calling for women’s body to stop being policed and instead lay the blame on people who are sexualising them.


“If the problem is that I will be a distraction, why isn’t the accountability on the one who is distracted?” she wrote.

“This is a deep rooted issue because I could EASILY talk about middle school uniform policies, prom dress codes, and evidently gym attire.

“When will we stop policing women’s bodies and HOLD THE OTHER’S ACCOUNTABLE FOR SEXUALIZING THEM.

Julia asked to leave gym over crop top
Julia signed off the caption by saying: “All I’m saying is that I’m showing up in a bro tank with my nipple out next time.” Photo: Instagram/letterstoadel

“And WHEN will we start ALLOWING women to feel comfortable enough in the gym to wear whatever the f**k is comfortable to them in an otherwise already uncomfortable environment?!”

Julia signed off the caption by saying: “All I’m saying is that I’m showing up in a bro tank with my nipple out next time.”

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People were quick to offer up their support in the comments section.

One follower wrote: “Political correctness gone mad! I don't see a problem....except with the gym!”

Another said: “To me your wearing standard gym clothes and look amazing if I was distracted by you it would be with admiration for your outfit and how hard you work not because I could see your tummy”.

Others were left completely stunned, with one person saying they were worried that the US is “slowly going back to the middle ages.”

“This is insane. From one woman to another, you rock, you look amazing, don´t change,” they wrote.

Julia’s story comes just weeks after an Aussie woman was asked to leave the gym over her scrunch bum shorts.

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