Real reason woman asked to leave gym over scrunch bum shorts

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A woman who went viral last week after being asked to leave the gym over her outfit, has revealed what really happened in the moment.

Sydney-sider Gabi Watson went to the gym in perfectly normal workout wear - a crop top and scrunch bum bike shorts - but was shocked when she was asked to leave due to her outfit, after a staff member asked her “are you wearing a g-string?”.

Gabi Watson was asked to leave her gym due to her outfit
Sydney-sider Gabi Watson went to the gym in a perfectly normal workout wear but was shocked when she was asked to leave due to her outfit – a crop top and bike shorts. Photo: Instagram/GabiGoddard

The 27-year-old quickly took to social media to share her experience on her Insta Story, explaining that the staff member at the gym claimed a “school teacher (who was supervising teenage students) had a problem with this outfit and complained”.

"It's a hot day, the air con was not on, but apparently this government teacher was concerned about the children seeing so much skin,” she said.

Gabi went on, sharing an email she had sent to the principal of the school, which outlined “the significant issues with such a request."

Gabi Goddard's gym outfit
This is what the back of Gabi's gym outfit looked like. Photo: Instagram/GabiGoddard


She included the photo of her outfit in the email and added that due to the movements she was performing at the gym, she needed to wear "fitted and stretchy clothes".

"Nevertheless, due [to] the complaint of your teacher, I was asked to leave and change my outfit," Gabi said.

However, now in an article for Mamamia, Gabi explained that the principal wrote back to her, revealing that the incident wasn’t instigated by the teacher at all, leading Gabi to question what had actually happened.

She went back to the gym and spoke to the member of staff who had initially approached her and asked her to leave.

That’s where she realised that she had been lied to and it was actually the staff member who thought Gabi’s outfit was inappropriate.

Gabi Goddard at the beach
Gabi was shocked when she found out it was actually a member of staff at the gym who complained about her shorts. Photo: Instagram/GabiGoddard

Gabi found out that the member of staff at the gym had asked the teacher if she thought Gabi’s outfit was appropriate to which the teacher replied: “no it's not”, and that’s when Gabi was asked to leave the gym.

“Ultimately, the experience was a lesson that not every situation is as it seems. My story had been shared on the other side of the world, but it had never been the teacher who complained in the first place,” Gabi wrote in the article for Mamamia.

“It was also a lesson in internalised misogyny. Women often police each other, because we've adopted the views of the patriarchy that our bodies and what we dress them in are public.”

In a picture posted to her Instagram account, Gabi also revealed the back of her shorts, explaining that it took her two days to realise that the scrunch bum detail was probably the reason why she was asked to leave the gym.

She also had the shorts inside out in the photo on her Instagram page, but that wasn’t the case when she was kicked out of the gym.

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