What’s new on Netflix, Stan, BINGE and Amazon Prime this week

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Everything streaming on Netflix, Stan, BINGE, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and APPLE TV+ that’s worth your time from June 22-27.


Too Hot to Handle S2 (23rd)

The second season of Too Hot to Handle is here! It’s the reality TV show where a bunch of beautiful people are plonked on a flash island and win a grand prize… by not having sex. For four long, rootless weeks. Surely this is against the Geneva Convention?

Too Hot To Handle on Netflix
If cushions could talk they'd probably say, "How did I end up on this show? I need a better agent." Photo: Netflix

Good on Paper (23rd)

It’s a good old fashioned romcom! This time starring stand-up comedian Iliza Shlesinger who stretches her acting chops by playing a stand-up comedian who meets a bloke who is just a little bit too good to be true. This looks like a lot of fun.

Sisters on Track (24th)

Break out the tissus for this moving documentary about three sisters who excelled in track and field events while living in a New York homeless shelter with their single mum. Expect plenty of uplifting moments and ugly crying to ensue.


The A List S2 (25th)

The long-awaited second season of the stylish British thriller finally arrives on the telly! The sleeper hit that started on a mysterious island with dark secrets continues its twisty, surprising tale. Expect plenty of jaw-dropping moments and edge of the seat tension.

Sex/Life (25th)

Steamy drama series about Billie Connelly (Sarah Shahi) who takes a sexually charged trip down memory lane to her wild child past. Not to be confused with Billy Connelly, who while hilarious, looks significantly less appealing in a little black dress.


Animal Conversations (23rd)

Fascinating documentary series about attempting to understand animals and their own unique languages. This is not the same as when you’ve had a few too many wines and think the cat is judging you, btw.

Hitmen S1 (25th)

Comedy series about two lifelong besties who are both misfits and rely on one another constantly. Oh, and they’re also professional killers! Hilarious, black, dry British humour at its best here.

Jamie (Mel Giedroyc) in Hitmen on Stan.
Jamie (Mel Giedroyc) wonders why on Earth you're not watching Hitmen on Stan. Photo: Stan

Paper Giants (Birth of Cleo and Magazine Wars) (25th)

Here’s some great Aussie telly you may have missed in 2011 and 2013, about the birth of Cleo and battles between the Murdoch and Packer magazine empires. Seems so weird now that magazines are almost non-existent but there was a time when they reigned supreme. Twas a different time, kids...

Planet Terror/Death Proof (25th)

Directed by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino respectively, these classic horror/action flicks show both directors delivering their best tribute to grindhouse cinema. Expect loads of gore, monsters, cameos and lingering shots of ladies’ bare feet...


Lord of the Rings trilogy (25th)

The days are getting shorter and the nights so much longer, little Hobbitses. Perhaps watching Peter Jackson’s still excellent Lord of the Rings trilogy yet again will give you a reason to stay toasty on the couch. After all… why not? Why shouldn’t you watch it?

Adventure Time: Distant Lands (26th)

The third of the hour long Adventure Time specials, and the first since 2020, is finally here! You can look forward to the usual clever mix of colourful animation, superb voice acting and constant delightful whimsy to bring the smiles and occasional tears.

Amazon Prime Video

The Imitation Game (22nd)

Benedict Cumberbatch stars in this heartbreaking, but brilliant, biopic about the life of mathematician Alan Turing. Co-starring Keira Knightley, this is an emotional look at a man whose work we all use daily.

Freaky (24th)

Imagine a cross between Freaky Friday and Friday the 13th and you’ve got a pretty good idea what Freaky is all about. At turns hilarious, gory and strangely life-affirming this is a movie where Vince Vaughn makes an oddly convincing teenage girl.


The Mysterious Benedict Society S1 Premiere (25th)

Based on the hugely successful Young Adult novel series, Benedict Society promises plenty of family friendly adventure shenanigans as a group of gifted orphans solve mysteries. And if they’re lucky? They might just save the world.

Wolfgang (25th)

Fascinating documentary about the life of Wolfgang Puck, an Austrian bloke who became one of the world’s first celebrity chefs. Looks to be an uplifting story over triumph in the face of hardship. Plus, heaps of food porn.


Pride S1 (25th)

Stunning six part documentary about the fight for LGBTQ rights in America throughout the years. Perfect viewing as Pride month draws to a close, and an at times eye-opening look at how far we’ve come… and how far we’ve yet to go.


Physical (Now)

Rose Byrne stars in this darkly comedic tale about a woman who goes through a journey of self discovery thanks to aerobics. Kind of feels like it could fill the hole in our heart that was left by Netflix cancelling GLOW. You’re still not forgiven, Netty!

Sheila Rubin (Rose Byrne) in Physical
Sheila Rubin (Rose Byrne) would like to get physical, physical. She wants to hear your body talk (on Physical). Photo: Apple TV+

Central Park S2 (25th)

Second season of the award winning musical animation with the insane cast. Don’t believe us? How does Kristen Bell, Tituss Burgess, Daveed Diggs, Josh Gad, Kathryn Hahn and Stanley Tucci sound? Pretty bloody good, hey.

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