What’s new on Netflix, Stan, BINGE and Disney+ this week

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Everything streaming on Netflix, Stan, BINGE and Disney+ that’s worth your time from June 8-14.


Awake (9th)

Sci-fi action flick with a terrifying premise: a mysterious catastrophe has wiped out all of humanity’s electronics and taken away our ability to sleep. Basically the entire world will experience what it’s like raising a two-year-old in a house with no WiFi! Sobering stuff.

Awake on Netflix
Can't get to sleep and the WiFi is out? Awake is truly a modern nightmare.

Down to Earth with Zac Efron (10th)

Actually released in the US last year, Australian Netty finally gets the Zac Efron doco where the spunky star travels around the world, learning about nature, life and sustainable living practises. This is a surprisingly addictive bit of virtual tourism and a must-watch for any Zac stans out there.

Lupin Part 2 (11th)

The second half of the first season of Netflix’s hugely successful French language crime caper finally sneaks back onto the telly. Prepare yourself for more charming, plot-twisting antics and clever escapes starring the delightful Omar Sy, who may just steal your heart.

Skater Girl (11th)

No, it’s not a gender flipped movie based on the Avril Lavigne song, but rather a brilliant Indian-American production. Telling the story of a teenage girl in Rajasthan who becomes obsessed with skateboarding, this is uplifting entertainment you can watch with your mum.

Eden on Stan
Eden is poised to be Stan's next big homegrown hit.


Eden (11th)

Stan’s new original Aussie series about the disappearance of a young woman in a beautiful coastal town looks absolutely superb. Boasting a cast that includes Sophie Wilde, BeBe Bettencourt, Samuel Johnson and Isabel Lucas, the entire eight episode season will drop on the 11th for your bingeing pleasure.

The Sum of Us (12th)

Hey, if you’re feeling in a Pride sort of mood, why not check out this 1994 classic Aussie flick starring Russell Crowe and Jack Thompson about a gay son’s relationship with his old-fashioned but good hearted dad. Crikey, Crowe’s barely recognisable in this!


Fear the Walking Dead 6B finale (7th)

The Walking Dead’s wildly uneven (but pretty fun) spin-off wraps its sixth season in a climax that star Lennie James describes as “epic”. This cast is getting so whittled down at this point, you have to wonder if anyone will be left for season seven!

Pose S3 and series finale (7th)

Powerful, emotionally resonant and stunning, Pose’s third and final season comes to a close. This quality LGBTQ drama is a must-watch and well worth catching up on if you’ve missed it so far.

Once Were Warriors (11th)

Once Were Warriors is the 1994 New Zealand classic that brought actor Temuera Morrison to the world stage. This powerful, sometimes devastating, family drama has lost none of its punch all these years later and remains a legit cinema classic.


The New Mutants (11th)

The New Mutants makes its way to Disney+ after a tortuous production process and an underwhelming release. And while it’s not the greatest superhero flick of all time, the cast alone - featuring Maisie Williams and Anya Taylor-Joy - makes it worth a lazy Sunday viewing.

Loki on Disney+
We predict there will be nothing lowkey about Loki's success on Disney+.


Loki (9th)

Disney+’s next big Marvel event series is upon us and goodness this one’s a whole lot of fun! Tom Hiddleston reprises his role as the sexy mischief-making trickster Loki, as he’s forced to atone for his previous sins by a time travelling Owen Wilson. Everyone’s going to be watching this one.

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