What’s new on Netflix, Stan, BINGE, Amazon Prime and Disney+ this week

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Everything streaming on Netflix, Stan, BINGE, Amazon Prime Video and DISNEY+ that’s worth your time from June 15-21.


Workin’ Moms S5 (15th)

The Workin’ Moms, those misbehavin’ Canadians, return for their fifth season of quirky, frequently inappropriate antics. Childcare, priority juggling and ill-advised hook-ups will almost certainly feature in this latest batch of episodes.

Black Summer S2 (17th)

Netty boldly asks the question, “do you want yet another zombie show?” Judging from the success of the first season, the answer is “yes, please!” Fast-paced and mercilessly tense, Black Summer returns for another eight nail-biting episodes you’ll likely spend on the edge of your couch.

The cast of Black Summer season 2 on netflix
The cast of Black Summer season 2, unlike audiences, are pretty damn sick of zombies. Photo: Netflix

Elite S4 (18th)

The wildly successful, Spanish-language teen thriller returns for its fourth season (with a fifth on the way) and you can expect more of the character-based drama and thrills, with the series’ time-jumping conceit keeping things tense.


Fatherhood (18th)

Originally slated to star Channing Tatum, COVID shenanigans caused that hunk of man to be replaced by… Kevin Hart! Despite that, Fatherhood looks like a well made, bittersweet dramedy about being a single parent and perhaps Hart’s first real attempt at getting out of his comedic comfort zone.

Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart is trying to expand his range a little with the bittersweet dramedy of Fatherhood. Photo: Netflix


The Republic of Sarah S1 (15th)

Drama about a rebellious high school teacher, Sarah (Stella Baker) who saves her small American town by having it declared a separate nation! The problem then, of course, is running a whole new country.

Willy’s Wonderland (17th)

Look, we’re going to be real with you: this is a movie where Nicholas Cage punches the crap out of a bunch of evil animatronic animals. Is it well made? No. Is it a good film? Absolutely not. But it does, as we mentioned, contain Nicholas Cage punching the crap out of evil animatronic animals. So, you know, proceed accordingly.


Tenet (16th)

Brilliant time-twisting action flick or overlong, noisy pretentious nonsense? That seems to be the two reactions to Christopher Nolan’s latest flick. Still, it stars Robert Pattinson, Kenneth Branagh and John David Washington (Denzel’s kid!). So, even if you hate the story, the actors are good.

Tenet is now on Binge
If nothing else, Tenet provides a lot of beautiful people like Elizabeth Debicki and John David Washington. Photo: Binge

Dave S2 (17th)

The second season of Lil Dicky’s hilarious comedy is finally here. This story about perhaps the unlikeliest rapper of all time - a neurotic suburban Jewish bloke - manages to be funny, crass and quite addictive. Well worth a look.

Genera+ion S1 eps 9-11 (17th)

The show a wise man once called “okay Boomer the series”, Genera+ion returns for more of its first season. Expect a lot of swearing, sex, frank discussions and social media in this consistently good, but only occasionally great, look at the youth of today.

Clerks (20th)

The film that started it all for director Kevin Smith (Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Mallrats), this 1994 cult film classic remains deeply offensive and very funny. Shot in grimy-looking black and white 16mm, Clerks still captures the feeling of working in retail with deft authenticity. Don’t watch it with your nan, though, there’s some sailorish language.

Amazon Prime Video

Almost Famous (15th)

If you haven’t yet seen Cameron Crowe’s delightful, semi-autobiographical flick from the year 2000 you totally should. The story of a teen wannabe journo getting first hand experience following a rock and roll band on tour is a whimsical delight. Plus, Kate Hudson, Billy Crudup and Frances McDormand are amazing!

Whiplash (15th)

As an antidote to Almost Famous, why not watch Whiplash: a film that feels like an 107 minute anxiety attack! Featuring career best work from Miles Teller and JK Simmons, this story of an ambitious music student and the brilliant, but abusive, teacher who mentors him is amazing but intense.



Love, Victor S2 premiere (18th)

The second season of the emotional, thoughtful spin-off from Love, Simon shines in its second season. Expect plenty of well executed drama, romance and humour to keep you warm on these freezing cold nights.

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