'Simple' Kmart oven hack will banish kitchen woe

A mum has revealed a simple trick she uses in the kitchen to basically triple her oven space - and all she used was a Kmart roasting pan.

Taking to a popular Kmart hacks group on Facebook, the woman shared how she had managed to fit a whopping 14 schnitzels into her small kitchen oven, writing: "Why didn’t I think of this earlier, small oven big family".

kmart roasting tray hack fits 14 chicken schnitzels

This way she could fit 14 Schnitzels into her small oven. Photo: Facebook

She went on to explain she used the Kmart roasting pan and "turned the rack upside down"

"So it’s lower and able to hold the chicken schnitzels up to save room in the oven."


Her post quickly attracted hundreds of comments with plenty of people dubbing the idea 'genius' and 'impressive'.

"Now that’s the kinda hack that makes everyday life easier!" one person commented.

"Oh my, such a simple idea but I would not have thought of that!" another wrote in response.

"Now THAT is a hack!!" was another enthusiastic comment.

"That's a game changer for my household! Great idea!," one person said, while another added: "This is so clever".

Kmart Oven Pan

Kmart Oven Pan for the win. Photo: catch.com.au

There were even a few people who revealed they had themselves already discovered the nifty little trick, sharing some other suggestions.

"Great for taco shells too," one person said.

"I use this to toast bread for breakfast when there’s a big crowd. Nobody has to wait for their toast," another shared.

Now THAT, is definitely genius!

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