The surprising cling wrap mistake you're probably making

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We've all been in the situation where we are wrestling with a roll of cling film to find the end and pull it out smoothly so we can just cover the food and stop the flies from getting at it.

There is nothing more exasperating than struggling with plastic wrap that has stuck to itself and won't unroll. I'm not ashamed to admit there has been many a time where I've screwed the whole thing up and thrown it out in pure frustration.

Choice editor Marg Rafferty with Glad Wrap
Choice editor Marg Rafferty puts 23 cling films to the test. Photo: Supplied

When we go to choose anything for our homes, we like to get advice from others about what lasts, what works and what we can rely on. While there are many sources, from family and friends to websites and experts, one place Aussies have been turning for years to tell them what's worth it and what's not is consumer advocacy magazine Choice

In their latest consumer test, they've been trying out cling wraps, including environmentally friendly ones, to see which ones work and which should be left on the shelf. Choice experts tested 23 supermarket and online brands to see which you should pay money for. 


"We found that all the cling wraps in our testing performed well in terms of adherence and how they go when used in a microwave, but they do really vary when it comes to ease of use," Choice Editor, Marg Rafferty says.

"Ease of use is an important thing to consider when purchasing cling wrap. We all know how annoying it can be when you’re quickly trying to pack lunch in the morning, and the cling wrap keeps getting jammed or sticking to itself," Marg added.

Sadly for those wanting to be environmentally friendly, the green wraps faired the worst with scores under 45 per cent!

Choice looks at compostable cling wrap
These green cling films did not fare well in the ease of use tests. Photo: Supplied

So what was the best performing cling film for ease of use? Well, Aussie favourite Glad Wrap came out on top but if you want an eco brand, when it came to sealing and heating, the Great Wrap actually outperformed all other cling films.

Marg does have a few other suggestions if you want to avoid throwing more single-use plastic into landfill.

"If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to cling wrap, there are lots of products out there that you can use," says Marg. 

"Wax wraps are one popular alternative to cling wrap. These cloth wraps are coated with beeswax, soy, or other plant waxes, which makes them flexible and helps them stick to food or containers. Silicone food huggers or reusable silicone film are also a good option for people looking to reduce their cling wrap use."

I will happily throw my money at anything that I don't have to wrestle with to simply cover the food!

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