Coronavirus: Woman breaks quarantine to get her nails done

As the coronavirus continues to run rampant all over the world, one manicurist’s story has shocked and infuriated people online.

The manicurist, who lives in Washington in the US, where the country’s death toll currently stands at over 162,000, said one of her clients knowingly exposed her to COVID-19, just so she could get her nails done.

Photo taken in Wroclaw, Poland
A woman broke coronavirus quarantine so she could get a manicure. Photo: Stock Image. Getty Images

In a text exchange, which has been posted to The Shade Room, the manicurist, called Taylor, reveals the moment the client told her the news.

It all started when Taylor’s client said she had left her wallet in the manicurist’s room and asked if she could run back up to get it.


Taylor responded saying: “Yes, of course, my door is unlocked,” to which the client simply responds with love heart emojis.

Then, the client dropped a huge truth bomb on the manicurist, saying: “"I feel really bad and should not have shown up for my appointment but I desperately needed my nails done! I tested positive for the virus two days ago soooooo please quarantine yourself."

Taylor, obviously shocked and annoyed, wrote back saying: "I asked you before you even got here if you had been exposed to the virus and if you have had it at any point.

woman's reason for breaking hotel quarantine
Her reason for the breach was because she felt her nails just really needed to be done. Photo: Instagram/The Shade Room

“You have known I am immune compromised and legally wasn’t supposed to take your appointment if you did.”

The client astonishingly wrote back simply saying: "I was just desperate to get out of the house! I was quarantine in two days I'm sorry! I needed my nails done sooooooo bad! You saw how bad they were!"

Speaking to Allure, Taylor said that while they were both wearing masks during the appointment she was ‘disappointed’ in her client.

"It was very distressing to receive those messages," she said.

"It is alarming to think there are people who don’t take other people’s safety seriously."

She went on to say: “This client has been reported to the proper authorities and I'm leaving it to them to help me handle this situation properly.”

People were outraged online, with one person taking to Facebook to write: “I don’t care what your opinion is on the virus, if you refuse to be respectful of the people you’re asking for service from, you don’t deserve the service. Your nails are not that bad.

“Wow, talk about privilege. She should have just said to you, “But my nails are so much more important than your health and safety.” I’m sorry you have to go through this. So unnecessary and avoidable,” another said.

A hairdresser on Facebook also claimed a client of hers had done the same thing and ended up giving her coronavirus. She ended up being off work sick for six weeks while she recuperated.

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