Wedding guest's 'ignorant' act at reception sparks fury: 'Rude'

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A wedding guest has enraged people on TikTok after sharing a video of herself committing a cardinal sin at a friend's wedding.

The video shows the woman at the reception standing at a table with the top tier of the bride and groom's wedding cake.

She is then caught in the act as she picks up a knife and cuts a piece out of the tier before she licks her fingers and touches the knife again to scrape off some icing.

With the top tier of the wedding cake usually reserved for the bride and groom to enjoy on their first anniversary, people were shocked as to what the woman was thinking.

Wedding guest cuts a piece of cake out of the top tier of the wedding cake.
The guest sparked outrage after she cut a piece out of the top tier of her friend's wedding cake. Source: TikTok

The guest, who shared the video herself, wrote on the TikTok: "Ignoring the brownie table and confidentially cutting myself a slice of her wedding cake thinking, 'Uh oh! They forgot to serve it to everyone else'."

She ended the caption by saying "I know better now" and "I hate myself".

A woman claiming to be the bride at the wedding commented, "She is formally forgiven and has learned her lesson in wedding etiquette", but others were less compassionate.


"You have no idea how angry this is making me," one commented.

"This made me angry and it's not my wedding," another said.

"How can someone have so little self-awareness?" a third added.

"The ignorance," somebody else fumed.

"It’s not an honest mistake. If nobody else is obviously eating cake isn’t it common sense? Why not ask first too? Rude as hell," a furious Tiktoker commented.

Others however were sympathetic to the woman, with one saying people were taking it too seriously.

"As someone getting married in the near future I seriously wouldn’t care. It’s just a cake, who cares? People get way too uptight over weddings!" they said.

"I’ve done the same thing at a wedding," another said in support.

It comes after a different bride was savaged online after a photo of her wedding cake was shared on social media.

The lopsided cake was pictured in the back of a car, with both tiers covered in lumpy frosting and topped with a garish Mr and Mrs topper.

A lopsided wedding cake in the back of a car.
People were disgusted by the wedding cake. Source: Facebook

After a bride-to-be shared it to a popular Facebook group, people couldn’t stomach the thought of eating the cake.

“You know how when something has been in a smoker's house, it has a vaguely yellow dirty colour to it? Yeah. Would not be eating that,” a disgusted person wrote.

“I’m horrified both the bride and the baker thought this was ‘okay’. It looks like mashed potatoes on a lumpy paper-mâché cake,” another remarked.

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