Home and Away's Sam Frost rejects 'uncomfortable' wedding tradition

Former Home and Away star Sam Frost has dropped a bombshell about her wedding plans with fiancé Jordie Hansen.

In a series of Instagram stories, the reality TV star revealed that she’s not planning to take Jordie’s surname — a topic that gets people riled up.

Home and Away star Sam Frost and Jordie Hansen take a selfie
Home and Away star Sam Frost has revealed details of her upcoming nuptials. Photo: Instagram/samfrost

“I don’t plan on changing my surname. I told Jord that on our first date, to manage expectations. He didn’t bat an eyelid, and replied ‘that’s fair enough, why should you change your name?’,” she wrote.

While Sam admits she loves that some people change their names, calling it ‘a beautiful commitment’, the star can’t imagine doing the same.


“For me I’ve always felt uncomfortable about it. It’s my identity, it’s my family, and I feel deeply connected to my surname,” she added.

Gushing about her ‘supportive’ and ‘understanding’ fiancé, she added that any future children the pair have, will take Jordie’s last name ‘Hansen’.

This wedding tradition generally sparks heated debate, and Sam has already started receiving messages questioning her decision.

Sharing a screenshot of a direct message a follower had sent her that asked how she will cope with having a different last name to her future children, Sam wrote: "I'm not in the mood Mike." Elaborating on the topic, she said her kids 'won't care' because their mum will 'love them unconditionally'.

L: Screenshot of text explaining Sam's decision not to take Jordie's last name over a photo of the pair at Breakaways, Coober Pedy. R: Close up shot of Sam's engagement ring with text about why he chose an opal
Sam isn't planning to take her fiancé's last name once they wed. Photo: Instagram/samfrost

The Bachelor star also announced that their wedding will be ‘pretty unique’, most likely taking place next spring or summer.

“We haven’t started planning, but we know it’ll be pretty low-key. We just want to celebrate our love with an intimate group of our favourite people,” she said.

Survivor star Jordie popped the question at Breakaways, Coober Pedy with a gorgeous opal ring. The pair revealed their engagement on their podcast Jordie and Sam’s Rural Roadtrip in July.

Sam showed followers a close up shot of her ring, which can look pink or blue depending on the light.

“It is an opal from Coober Pedy. I’m not a diamond person. I love gemstones and crystals…and I’ve always liked unique rings. So this is PERFECT, he did very well,” she shared.

Jordie's proposal mistake

Jordie and Sam recently went into detail about the proposal, with Jordie admitting he’d ruined a very important part.

“We were at Uluru, we’d just woken up, having brekky, we were about to head down south. Sambo had just been delivered her coffee, so I said to her, ‘Hey, when would you say yes to getting married?’,” he recalled.

“I said, ‘pretty much, any time from now’,” Sam chimed in.

Jordie then explained that he decided to propose that very evening, and he decided to rush Sam to Breakaways at Coober Pedy for a beautiful sunset setting.

Although the proposal took place in the romantic sunset glow, the Survivor star had a mishap when attempting to film the Bachelor contestant saying ‘yes’.

“We've pressed play on the video and Sam has gone, ‘oh darling, we’re out of shot’. All you can see is the bottom of my foot because I was down on one knee,” he admitted.

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