Woman's ridiculous wedding meal sparks outrage: 'Nasty'

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A woman has caused outrage after sharing the ‘worst wedding meal’ she has been served.

Posting in a popular Reddit forum, she told the story about how she was served “a bowl of cornflakes and a lukewarm glass of water” at her cousin’s wedding.

Bride and groom at a wedding reception all drinking alcohol
People couldn't believe that cornflakes were served at a wedding. Photo: Getty

People were shocked by the strange meal and asked her to ‘elaborate’ on what happened at the wedding.

“My cousin (the bride) and her husband invited 100 people. My cousin’s nasty mother-in-law invited an additional 150 people, leaving 150 without food,” she explained.

“I was 19 and not adult enough to eat the actual food so I got cornflakes.

"The drinks were unlimited though, but [her] mother-in-law wanted to take some drinks home, so I got water. Not even with ice. On a hot day,” she wrote.


She noted that only the bride’s family were ‘fed cornflakes’, and said the groom’s mother likely had an ‘agenda behind it’.

While the bride was ‘furious’, the groom backed his mother up and thought her actions were fine. With all the red flags, it wasn’t long before people started telling the bride to ‘run’.

“The bride is going to be in for a really bad time dealing with [a] mama’s boy like that. Yikes,” wrote one user.

“Are they still married? If so, I have some suggestions for their anniversary dinner or mother-in-law’s next big birthday dinner — some involving dog food,” a second quipped.

“That would’ve been the sign, directly sent by Jesus Christ Himself, delivered priority via the Holy Spirit, that the marriage should’ve been annulled,” another added.

“If I was the bride I’d have ordered a sh*t ton of gourmet pizza and handed [the] mother-in-law the bill. She wouldn’t care if you ate something in her face, but she might if she had to pay for it,” a fourth suggested.

The bride’s cousin informed everybody that while the pair were still married, she’s “praying for a miracle, aka a divorce”.

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