Wedding guest shares 'horror' demand from bride and groom

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A wedding guest has shared her shock after she was asked to help wash the dishes at the newlywed's reception after they were forced to take drastic cost-cutting measures.

Taking to Reddit to share the tale, the woman from the US revealed the bride and groom had overspent on their wedding location and the wedding dress, and had to significantly cut down on other things - including a caterer and venue staff.

wedding reception
A wedding guest has shared their 'horror' experience at a reception. Photo: Getty

Instead they had to 'self cater' the event, and in the end didn't even have enough food for all the guests.

The woman initially said the food looked "great" but her partner missed out on getting any because he had to duck to the bathroom.

"I find the bride’s mum and whisper that she should probably ask the caterers to put out more food," she said.


"She gets a peculiar expression on her face and says there is no more food. What was on the buffet line is all that they have. Period.

"A family friend who was a chef volunteered to make the food. They wanted a certain ‘opulence’ so they purchased top-of-the-line ingredients (good cuts of meat, artisan breads and cheeses, etc) which meant they ended up with only enough to feed about three out of four of the guests. The rest went hungry."

wedding Food Buffet Catering
The buffet only had enough food for three out of four wedding guests. Photo: Getty

Things got even more bizarre once the guests had finished eating, she continued, explaining the maid of honour started coming around and asking some of the guests to come with her into the kitchen.

"We go. There is no air conditioning so this kitchen is about a zillion degrees. She shows us stacks of plates and cups and then tells us we need to wash them," the guest added.

"Apparently part of self-catering is you rent the dishes and glassware, and if they aren’t returned clean at the end of the evening you lose your deposit.

"But since the bride and groom are pinching pennies at this point, they haven’t hired anyone to clean up. So I, and about nine other guests, spend most of the reception in the kitchen, elbow deep in soap and water.

"We miss the first dance and the cutting of the cake, which turns out to be for the best because (wait for it) they hadn’t purchased enough cake for everyone either."

Woman hand washing dishes over the sink in the kitchen
The woman and nine other quests were asked to wash the dishes. Photo: Getty

The entire scenario was slammed as "outrageous" by plenty of people leaving comments on the post.

"This is a horror story," one person wrote.

"That is INSANE. Imagine inviting a bunch of folks, then having the gall to tell them 1/4 of them will DELIBERATELY be left hungry. Including cake," another said.

"I would have refused and left right then and there," was another comment.

Another suggested if anyone was left with the dirty chore it should have been the bridal party.

"If anyone was to wash dishes, it should have been the bridal party, not the guests," one person wrote. "Or the couple could have figured out how to hire someone, geez."

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