'Take it off!': Baffling detail spotted on wedding dress roasted

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Sometimes even the most stunning fashion piece can be seriously derailed by a whacky detail or off-kilter styling decision, and it turns out the wedding gown is certainly no exception.

Whether it’s an unusual split, an unfortunate see-through moment or a baffling ring choice, it’s the little things that can throw off the most beautiful of bridal looks in a big way.

Image of woman modelling wedding gown with curtain tassel belt
An unusual detail hidden on this wedding dress has derailed it for many onlookers. Photo: Facebook

One such dress has received a proper roasting online this week after onlookers were forced to do a double-take when they spotted what appeared to be a curtain tassel wrapped around the bride’s waist.

At first seeming fairly inoffensive, the gown features a lace bodice with a high-neck cut, and a full satin skirt.

On a second glance, however, the skirt looks far more like a repurposed set of curtains that a wedding gown thanks to the tassel cinching in its waist.

Dangling like an errant loose thread in the middle of the skirt, the tassel tie had many scratching their heads over whether it was an intentional addition or an embarrassing remanent of the skirt’s drapery past.

Onlookers roast ‘curtain tie’ style dress

Image of wedding dress with zoom in on tassel hanging detail
Many couldn't decide if the hanging tassel was an oversight or a choice. Photo: Facebook

Shared to a wedding shaming Facebook group, the reactions shed some light by throwing out the drape-style.

“Now that you mention it, I can’t help but see the whole bottom half as curtains/drapes,” one observer pointed out.

Another was convinced the skirt was indeed a thick curtain repurposed.

“Ok so, they’re drapes and she used the tie back as a belt...interesting choice,” she wrote.


Others more generously pointed out that sans-tassels the gown was a fine choice.

“At first, I was like ‘Hmm it’s not that bad...’,” one onlooker confessed. “[But] then I scrolled down and seen the tassels, sure my grandma has matching curtains ties.”

Others suggested the bride remove the tassel tie altogether.

“So take the curtain tassel rope off and you’re ready for your big day!” was one suggestion.

One pointed out that every little girl’s dreams for her wedding vary.

“I always dreamed of being a curtain,” she joked.

Scarlet O'Hara curtain gown Gone With The Wind still
Many compared the gown to this famous 'curtain dress' from Gone With the Wind. Photo: Loew's Inc.

Others couldn’t help but compared the look to the famous curtain gown scene in Gone With the Wind when the recently impoverished Scarlett O'Hara fashions a gown out of her velvet curtains to hide her lack of money.

“Reminds me of the green dress from Gone With the Wind,” one classic film fan wrote.

It’s not the first time a wedding dress has been dubbed a serious ‘miss’ online.

Last week a bride’s ‘diaper-style’ wedding gown cut was roasted by hundreds of unimpressed observers.

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