The Voice’s Rita Ora left speechless after lap dance from contestant

He failed to turn a coach’s chair on Tuesday night’s episode of The Voice, but one contestant succeeded in making Rita Ora blush.

The UK pop star was lost for words when one man gave her a cheeky lap dance after his audition.

The Voice's Rita Ora shocked.
Rita was lost for words when she learnt that Henry was a topless waiter. Photos: Channel 7

While the coaches admitted that Henry Starr Ahomana needed to work on his singing abilities, they applauded the way that he hyped up the crowd during his performance of Forever by Chris Brown.

“You had the crowd going! There was one lady who was just like, woo!” Jessica Mauboy exclaimed, with Guy Sebastian adding, “I think there were a lot of ladies doing that!”


“It makes me think that you’re very comfortable on stage,” Keith Urban remarked. “Why is that? What do you do?”

Henry then explained that by day he drives a forklift, and on a Saturday “the shirt comes off’ and he becomes a topless waiter.

The Voice's Rita Ora received a lap dance.
Rita asked Henry to give her a demonstration of his “talents”. Photo: Channel 7

Rita was clearly shocked at the 26-year-old’s admission before requesting that he give her a demonstration of his work.

“I know this might sound a little bit forward,” she began, “but respectfully asking… This might be cheeky but you know what? This is a one-time opportunity ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to do it. Can I see?”

It didn’t take long for Henry to make his way off stage towards the coaches, remove his shirt and give Rita a steamy lap dance to the song Pony by Ginuwine.

Meanwhile, the Bang Bang hitmaker exclaimed: “No, no, no, don’t do this to me!”

“You asked for it, you wanted it, Rita!” Keith quipped.

After the performance and Rita’s declaration that she’s “so happy” to have come to Australia, she ended up giving Henry some constructive criticism.

“All jokes aside, obviously you are hot,” she said. “That is the obvious thing, but this is The Voice. What I heard vocally, I did hear a lack of practice. I felt like maybe you can control your nerves a little bit more.”

Jessica also added that his choreography “got in the way” of his singing abilities, and he needed more practice mastering his breathing techniques to be able to do both.

Fans online also shared their opinions on Henry’s performance, with many saying that he “wasn’t that bad of a singer”.

“He just needs the right songs,” one person tweeted. “The coaches have heard worse than him during their day. The coaches could have turned and coached him to be a great singer. It’s their loss.”

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